Ultimate Extreme Super Ice Blended Frappucino

It seems like many moons ago when the ice blended landed on our shores. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf had the good fortune of being the first. I can’t remember how many times Wei insisted on having her Ultimate Ice Blended. Not long after, Starbuck’s, San Francisco Coffee and Gloria Jeans came along. This may come as a bit of a shock but ice blended coffee isn’t real coffee! There is only a single shot of espresso to half a pint of milk, sugar syrup, ice, ice-cream and whipped cream. The one in Coffee Bean is particularly bad. The coffee is so weak to begin with. I swear the decaf is stronger!

For me, it has always been San Francisco Coffee above the rest. And its home grown! Yes San Francisco Coffee is Truly Asia, Malaysia Boleh! The new shop on Bintang Walk is fresh and reminiscent of Singapore, in the best possible way. A glass structure designed to accommodate the environment! I’m amazed they didn’t just chop down the tree because we just love destroying our environment in KL. But then again, maybe it’s because they need it as shade since the roof is also made of glass. Who knows? Overall, it is cool, bright and the best part is it’s like being outdoors, indoors! Yay!


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