Pack your bags, we're going to PJ!

My friend sent me an email with details on the best eats around KL and Selangor. I've never been to most of these places. When you've lived in the city all your life, travelling to PJ (and beyond) is going outstation as far as I'm concerned! I'd venture as far as Bangsar and Ampang. Beyond that, forget it. I've never understood driving miles and miles to have the best nasi lemak or best bak kut teh. Like how I don't understand why people drive to Port Klang to have seafood. I definitely would not eat the seafood that is fresh from that port!

I have to say I hardly ever eat at stalls/coffee shops these days. Firstly, its too hot in the day time and secondly, there aren't any good ones around my area. When I was working in Jalan Kuching, there was a fantastic chap fahn or better known as e-co-no-mee rice. Hate that name. Anyway, everyday at lunch, this old man would sell his wife’s chap fahn at a corner coffee shop. And like all chap fahn stalls, the price is a mystery each time. But it was dirt cheap for what you get. I like how it was not greasy, nor exceptionally tasty. It was just like home cooking would taste like, simple, wholesome and comforting.

After I changed jobs, I found myself spoilt for choice in Kelana Jaya with the many, many, many coffee shops offering seriously good food. Pahn mee, kway teow soup, sang har mee, claypot noodles to name a few. But the best had to be the pork noodle soup. Freaking hell! It was delicious. The rice noodle was always smooth and firm, the minced pork patties tasty and not too fatty. But the best part was the broth. I am highly sensitive to msg, another reason why I don’t eat at stalls much. I hate that dry and scratchy feeling in my throat. I hope they haven’t changed the recipe because it really was very good. It was clear and tasty without an overwhelming stench of pork.

My last job moved me to Segambut. I had a lot of Indian food there because we had such a fantastic stall at the office canteen. I love the kehseri and upuma the lady makes; with a lot of love and a whole lotta ghee! How could it not possible be tasty right? I remember having idli for breakfast after working out at the gym. Sometimes, I'd have the upuma if it was ready, or the nasi lemak. And I wondered why I didn't lose weight. During my last month at work, my colleagues finally shared the best pahn mee in town with me. Cruel, cruel people! After two and half years, not once did they talk about this place. I managed to eat there almost everyday until I left.


  1. i must say than pan mee was also a late discovery for me. I guess of your family doesnt eat it, you never find out about it until your colleagues do. Now I can't get enough and am on a lifelong search for the best. We must do the Segambut one. And yes, I would venture as far off as Klang for it! By the way, what is the point of stall food that isn't greasy and packed with MSG?

  2. there a really good pan mee between cheras and kajang at the shoplots where Sedaya College used to be but only lunchtime lah. the mee is damn shiok!


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