Drunken Prawns, Drunken People

Three Saturdays later, I found myself back at Jogoya with some friends. This time, I made a reservation. The trick is to go late if you didn’t make a reservation because all the kiasu families would’ve left by then. The restaurant is HUGE! There are about 8 different counters with everything from sashimi to steam fish to purple cheese tarts. I really don’t know what the big deal is all about. I’ve heard people say they serve unusual Japanese food. I even read a review about it in the newspaper. So where exactly was this special food because we sure as hell did not see it. If by unusual you mean curried tuna inari sushi, wasabi teppan beef and lamb murgh, then yea it was all there. It is also unusual to pay before you eat. Classy. It really adds to the quality buffet experience. Alcoholics beware, they do not serve alcohol. I repeat, they do not serve alcohol. Well, unless you count beer. Again, they make you pay for it before they will bring it to you. The waitress offered to go pay for us after looking at our indignant faces. The sashimi was fresh with tuna, salmon, scallops and oysters on offer. The tempura had a nice crispy batter. And that’s about where the good part ends. Its so uninspiring that I don’t even want to talk about it. I think we were all geared up for a sake-soaked night so needless to say the mood just wasn’t there. The counters are spaced so far apart that it takes awhile to get back to the table. According to Cuz, this is a perfect place to bring a regular bootie call for an obligatory dinner. Long walks from the table eliminate any sort of real conversation. You’ve been told.
The highlight of the night, 6 hours and copious amounts of alcohol later, was supper at Ye Chine. Who knew they had bak kut teh and all things porky? Why did we even bother going to Cynna? As you can see from the photos, everybody was happy and found peace at last.
Above, before alcohol. Right, after alcohol.


  1. ShanghaiMeow11:54 am

    Even in Shanghai I have heard of this place from people in KL....so happening la ni tempat...hee hee...


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