Sunday, January 21, 2007

One Rainy Evening

I’ve been meaning to try Max! ever since I read a review in one of the society mags. I also keep hearing rave reviews of the place so that just built up the anticipation even more. And we all know that so much anticipation usually never leads to a good thing. So last night, quite unexpectedly, Homo and I ended up at Max!. It was close to 9pm and the rain still wasn’t letting up after two hours. All the restaurants were relatively quiet. Fortunately for us, that meant we were able to get a table immediately.

The first thing we both noticed was how bright it was. We were seated near the kitchen were Max was cooking. I liked the balsamic they served with the bread. Good quality stuff! The menu was nice and short. Although I remember Boolicious recommending the shiraz braised wagyu cheeks, I couldn’t resist ordering the cod with lemon butter sauce, artichokes and mash. Homo and I ordered scallops starter to share. At (rm25++) we thought it was going to be for 2 pieces which would’ve been a bit pricey. But when the dish arrived, we were really impressed there were 5 pieces! It was a pretty looking starter with the scallops sitting in the shell, glistening with olive oil dressing. The texture was not quite right. They were soft and not springy. As for the taste, it was light and subtle.

My cod was cooked perfectly (rm40++). The meat was moist and fell of in beautiful chunky flakes. The portion was just nice. There was very little mash so I didn’t end up feeling sick because both fish and sauce are so rich already. Homo’s lamb rack (rm60++) was really delicious- very juicy, fragrant and tender. He finished it all before I could ask him for another bite. We didn’t stay for very long after because we both found the ambience not very inviting. Think the lighting is too flat. Anyway we went off to Palate Palette for dessert because I love their toasted carrot cake. Best I’ve tasted because its unlike traditional carrot cake. This one is light with finely grated carrot you can actually taste and I like the thin crisp coat from it being toasted. Mmmmm!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Comfort In A Bowl

Cuz has been talking about beef noodles for awhile. I never made it over to OUG markets so Cuz was kind enough to bring some over to me recently. She also bought fried sui kow and beef brisket with radish. I finally got to taste what she has been going on and on about for the past couple of years. First of all, I love that its mee hoon. Secondly, it tastes...So good, I want to cry! Every bite gets more and more delicious. I'm not crazy about beef balls but these were ok if you like that springy texture. I was shocked when she told me she had bought me a small after I protested it was far too much. But of course, I finished all of it anyway! The brisket was also very good. So tender, it was falling off my chopsticks. I also liked the slight bitterness of the radish. The fried sui kow was not very happening as it was already soft. I think it is unworthy to be served along side the marvellous beef noodles. I want to eat this every Sunday, sit in front of the tv and have a bottomless bowl of beef ball noodles! The picture does not do the noodles justice as a) I tipped the contents of the bag into the bowl and b) I was too hungry to think about presentation.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2 Birds With 1 Stone

Last Saturday I headed over to Magnificent Fish & Chip Shop for some fish and chips. My sister has been 5 times in two weeks. Safe to say, she loves it. I like the look and masculine feel of the restaurant. There is something quite lovely about it and it stands out on the street. I love the black and white chequered floor, the dark blue walls with the wooden bar and benches. They’ve also retained a wooden partition from the Chinese antique shop that was there before. And have incorporated some kopi tiam tables and chairs to complete the look.

The menu is written out on black board and it starts with the basic dory ($20++) to black cod ($42++). I ordered the parrot fish ($32++) and my friends had dory. The dory is pretty good but the parrot fish is definitely better because it’s meatier and falls off in flakes. The tartare sauce that they serve with the fish is superb. Just as well because the malt vinegar that they have there is not pungent enough. The chips are super soggy but they are not proper chips. I think they've been pre-boiled and then fried very quickly. It doesn't have that nice crisp coat that chips are suppose to have. If you don’t want to have battered fish, there are also grilled options. The mushy peas are buttery but not enough peas for my liking. We also shared some battered chicken sausages ($18). I must say that they were pretty good considering they were chicken. Who woulda thunk? We didn’t realise they came with chips though so we had a whole plate of wasted chips. They don’t have any desserts right now so if you order any, they will come from Relish.

Right next door to Magnificent is Baan 26. It is a starck contrast with its soft and feminine shades of pistachio green and purple. Homos and I had dinner there last Friday. I was late so they had ordered without me. I was hoping for some serious, no-nonsense homecooked Thai food but alas, it was not meant to be. The menu comprised mainly of popular Thai dishes (think green curry, tom yum, basil chicken) with various dishes from South East Asia sticking out like sore thumbs. Cantonese noodles, Medan fried rice, Nyonya asam prawn and freaking kangkung belacan. I was willing the give it the benefit of the doubt. Eventhough the signboard outside and the name clearly suggests Thai food. Its ok, I'll go with the flow.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap prices because the portions are dismal. The stir-fried baby kalian with oyster sauce was all of 4 sprigs, I kid you not. I enjoyed the fried homemade bean curd. It was nice and crispy on the outside and smooth and wobbly on the inside. We also had deep fried buttered squid. That was very tasty but you can hardly go wrong with deep fried AND buttered can you? The basil leaf spicy chicken is cheap at $12.90++ but then there were only 6 tiny slivers of chicken in there.
To give you an indication on how cheap the food is here, the most expensive item are prawns which costs a mere $22.90++. Thats not cheap you say? It bloody well is on Changkat Bukit Bintang. There is no wow factor but if you want a cheap meal around this street, this is where you want to be. Alternatively, walk up the road towards Jalan Alor and you'll find a cheap and cheerful, perhaps slightly dodgy depending on the hour of your arrival, Thai coffee shop.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007!

It’s the first day of the new year and this is my 100th post. I haven’t been in a celebratory mood over the last month. I think all of us start to wind down, reflect on the past year and contemplate the year ahead. I remember ten years ago, my past regrets were something like kissing/not kissing that boy. Hah! My regrets for 2006? I have none. That’s the plus side of growing up. Learning that you are not going to die if someone breaks your heart, that business opportunities are always there for you to find, that being a fatty doesn’t make you less of a hottie and that life is not a race. This year I resolve to take more time - to read, to lose the final 5 kilos that will get me down to my ideal weight, to meditate. And I will also take less time – over thinking. Like Nike says, Just Do It!

Last night, we had a barbecue at the house. Gazza cooked most of the food; cous-cous stuffed peppers, t-bone steak, lamb chops and grilled brandied pineapple. Sis made a pavlova and Horlicks cupcakes. Of course the bbq wouldn't be complete without some bangers and corn. Gazza likes to buy the cheese filled ones. Damn they're lethal! It was the first time I’ve spent new years with kids running around the house. More to come? The boys and babies were very well behaved. Well the babies were fast asleep by 9pm, while the boys busied themselves watching Madagascar in the tv room. At around 11:30 we made our way down to Lang’s shop on Jalan Mesui to watch the fireworks from the roof top. It was nice watching the fireworks through the kids eyes. They were so excited and happy. Standing there on the roof, I feel good about the new year. At 00:30 the first of hopefully many wonderful moments came along. My close friend in Oz announced that her boyfriend proposed and they are now engaged! Yaaaay! I am so happy for them. Its a good thing I am not superstitious as it will my fourth time as bridesmaid! Happy New Year everyone! I wish all of you a fantastic new year filled with greatness, gratitude and gastronomical delights!