Happy Birthday Uncle B

I rarely crave for soup noodles in KL. It is just too hot to be drinking hot soup. The only time I eat soup noodles in the comfort of my own home where no one but family gets to see my red and sweaty face! This morning I woke up in serious need for pork noodles. So I found myself driving around the neighbourhood looking for a shop that was open. Driving up Bukit Bintang, I spotted one on the left, turning right into Jalan Alor there were only back packers and empty stalls. Finally on Tengkat Tong Shin, Adik Beradik Chua was where I found my noodles. Packed full of msg. It satisfied my craving but I paid the price for about 6 hours after that. Must’ve drunk about 4 litres of water! I think I must be the only Chinese person who can’t eat msg. Maybe I am not Chinese after all because we are genetically programmed to embrace msg. That must be it. I am a kwai poh with jaundice.

Last Friday, Uncle B celebrated his birthday at Equatorial Hotel. It was a fun night with buffet spreads, a creepy one man band and aunties who line danced. I took a picture of the fruit carvings because they looked so beautiful in their ice basket. They remind me of wafer roses that use to garnish plates in Chinese restaurants. I remember fighting my cousins for them. I’m not sure why because they always tasted like cardboard. My favourites were the dragon and phoenix carrots and the little swans carved from turnips. Now its cucumber, orange slices, parsley and maybe if you are really lucky, a maraschino cherry. Yippee.


  1. I hear you about the MSG, I am 20% Chinese and rest of me is pretty Asian (except for a little Spanish as I am of Filipino decent). But MSG makes me feel crummy about 6 hours after I eat it as well. Here is my post incase you are interested:


    David Martinez


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