Saturday Night Out With Cuz

Our original plan was to try Jogoya (sounds more like a city in Indonesia than a Taiwanese chain of Japanese restaurants). However, it seemed like half the population had the same idea. We were told there was a one and a half hour wait for a table. Unheard of in KL! If we were kwai los, we’d probably have had a couple of drinks by the bar while we waited but because we are kiasu Chinese, we quickly marched to the next available destination. Feast Village doesn’t offer much choice for the discerning diner. Inspired by a browse in Jim Thompson earlier, we found ourselves at My Thai. Neither of us had been before.

It has a cosy ambience despite a very open concept. I say this because it took us a while to figure out the correct entrance to the restaurant. What we thought was a private “room” (open alcove), was actually the waiting area by the entrance. Who would’ve thought? It was full, with a mixture of locals and tourists. Wei was very happy to see the Chef was authentically Thai. The menu was extensive but what impressed us more was the vegetarian menu which was even longer than the regular menu. The prices are what you would expect from a restaurant in Starhill, pricey. It’s the same price as Rama V but without the fine in the dining.

We ordered catfish & mango salad, beef with ground rice & mint salad and pad thai. The catfish & mango salad was tasty but nothing out of the ordinary. The beef salad was weird. The beef had a very strange after taste, much like alkaline water. We sent it back and because it has an open kitchen, we experienced an awkward moment when the waiter handed the dish back to the chef. We were very close to the kitchen, a little too close to the cleaver next to him. We saw him taste it and he seemed to think it fine. So the waiter came back and explained that the beef had been marinated with mint and something else which resulted in the taste we were put off by. I explained that it was actually the beef because the taste only came after we had finished chewing. It left a horrible after taste. Anyway, he was very polite and promptly replaced it with a chicken, shrimp & pomelo salad. Much better! Although the coconut taste was bordering suntan oil, the strips of chicken mixed with pomelo came together to make a deliciously rich salad. What I want to know is where the hell do they get such juicy pockets of pomelo? They are like giant teardrops pulled taut with juicy goodness within. The supposed premium ones my mum buys from Ipoh look nothing like these. I feel cheated.
We didn’t stay for dessert because it was either a choice of fruit with sticky rice or something with more coconut milk in it. We went for a drink at Tiff’s Jazz Bar instead. Wei had a campari soda and I had a hazelnut latte while we listened to the band belt out “jazz” numbers from Sarah McLachlan and Toni Braxton (???). The drinks were surprisingly reasonable. RM13++ for the campari soda! A beer only costs RM12++. Cheap for Starhill. It would explain the very young crowd there. I think Wei and I were the oldest there. Harumph!


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