Meatballs & Midvalley

Against my better judgement, I agreed to meet my girlfriends for lunch at Midvalley. What a stupid idea! All I can say is thank god for car jockeys! They managed to find the quietest place to eat at least which was Ka Soh. I never understood what the hoohah was all about. We had the fish head noodles, vegetables, braised pork with fried man tou and tofu. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t bad. It tasted very simple and home cooked but I guess I wasn’t in the mood for that. I still think the fish head noodles are better at Raja Laut.

The conversation over lunch left me unsettled and frustrated. A feeling that has been nagging at me for awhile. No amount of pork is going to help this time! Ventured into Jaya Jusco and Carre Four in search of the elusive coffee beans my mum sent me in search of. It is so nice of people to block the entrance with their two trollys, one filled with groceries and children in the other. Completely oblivious of the dirty looks I am assaulting them with because they are too busy sending text messages. Aargh! Somebody save me from suburbia! Just as I was getting violently depressed, I spotted some pre-packed durian. I felt an immediate lift in my mood as I anticipate sinking my teeth into the fat, yellow pockets of creamy goodness. Pity they are pre-packed because I would’ve enjoyed using my durian as a conker to bash my way through the crowd.

The durians were disappointing but mum saved the day by cooking one of my comfort favourites, meatballs. Marinated minced pork balls, fried and braised with fried potato wedges, tomatoes, peas and onions. So I lied about the pork not helping.


  1. Can I just say that that is SUCH a GOOD picture! It totally depicts the whole character of the dish. The blackness of the wok from years of deep frying, braising, stir frying and steaming superb Cantonese-Hakka dishes encasing its precious contents - meatballs just as they are in real life...imperfectly-shaped nodules of meat, fat and flour - soft and mushy and fragrant all at once. And the homestyle chips oozing with the subtle taste of potato and fresh peanut oil....ohhhhhhh!!! Well done, well done!


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