Pavlovas, Corn Beef & Chicken Rice

Even though I like to bitch and moan about Alexis, I still find myself back there every now and then. I do like their pavs and the breakfast menu on the weekends have some healthy options. But of course the thing I love most on the breakfast menu is actually the corn beef hash with eggs benedict. Screw the fruit salad and muesli! I wish they would be a bit more consistent though. Last time the egg benedict was on top of a muffin, now the dish is smaller and comes muffin-less. The waiter gave us a long spiel about changing chefs and working late. Why do I always get the ones who like to talk? I must look like a really good listener!
When I’m starving, the chicken rice always hit the spot. It doesn’t come with kicap pekat but you can always ask for it. Anyway, a few people have been talking about the new Alexis at BSC so we found ourselves having dinner there last Friday. I wonder if this is the direction they are heading towards. I guess it is time for a new look. They are about 10 years old. White concrete floors, white paneled walls, white chairs, white everything. I don’t know if it looks clinical in the day but at night, the lighting is very dim and warm. The menu is slightly different from the other outlets, but it’s still the unmistakable French-styled portions. I ordered the duck confit salad and three bites later, I was done. Delicious though. But when is duck confit ever bad? All that fat and salt, mmmm…

The burger is still sucky. It reeked of “beef”. And it was incredibly salty but flat in taste. The pizzas were nicer than at GE Mall. Although the cheese they use are not very good. It’s the most bland quattro formaggi I’ve ever tasted! How is that even possible? Oh, and I have to correct my mistake about their lattes, its rm10, not rm9. Huh. I’ll still go back though. At least the service is always impeccable.


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