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Never-Ending Love Affair with Tempeh

Yesterday was such a strange day. Everything was just off and that rarely happens for me. I have to say I've always been a pretty lucky bunny so when the universe sends me signals to slow down and stay put, I turn off my phone and go to bed! Which is what I did but not before cooking up the one dish of happiness in my unlucky day. And it really turned out quite wonderfully.

My bestie was away recently and asked me to look in on her helper. Her helper makes the most wonderful indonesian dishes and I love her tempeh goreng kicap. She taught me how to make it and so I tried doing it. It wasn't as crispy as hers was because I realised she used a helluva lot of oil. With 2 tablespoons of oil, I think I managed to cook something pretty close. It takes a longer cooking time because I'm almost roasting in lightly in the wok. It took about 15-20 minutes to get the tempeh toasted and "dry".  Not bad for a far healthier version!

2 packets (200gm roughly) tempeh
Half …

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