Flossy Buns

Flossy Buns. If you are not Malaysian, you’d probably think I just said something rude. When in actual fact, I am referring to fluffy white bread plastered with mayo and dusted liberally with chicken floss. Duvei was brought one back from Ipoh a long time ago. A year later, Bread Story came along. Although Bread Story (BS) appeared in shopping malls nationwide, it is actually a copy of Bread Talk (BT) which is from Singapore. The quality of refined white carbs in BT is far superior over BS. However, BS has one up over BT and that is the flossy swiss roll!

The first time I tried it was in China, at a train station. We were about to board and stopped by the many kiosks dotted along the corridors to the trains. I saw a fluffly cream coloured swiss roll which I bought for less than RMB1.00. I was expecting kaya, custard or some sort of sweet jam. Instead I got mayo and floss. It was a rude surprise that turned into sweet surrender. My sister and I were so upset we only bought one!

Imagine my joy when BS started making flossy swiss rolls! I introduced this beautiful thing to my friends who shunned it at first. Shrieking away from the mayo and turning up their noses at the mere idea until they took their first bite and fell in love. In fact I remember Super Lian cursing me eternal damnation for introducing it to her, “So gooood but so fattening! Aiyo, how ah?!” After that, flossy swiss rolls started appearing at our mah jong sessions. (left, Lian having some bun fun)

Sad to say, I have over dosed on the naughty things. Every time I walk past a BS store, I am drawn to it like an ex boyfriend calling you up out of the blue. I reminisce about the good old days and end up buying them “for old time’s sake”. But true to the ex boyfriend, once I have a bite I remember why I stopped in the first place. There is too much guilt associated with this sinful beast of a roll. Those hours, well, more like half an hour, on the treadmill, wasted. Sigh. I hate getting older, you get away with less and less. Such is life, until I get fit, its apples and butter-less multi-grain toast for me!


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