Wow its February already! I just got back from Sydney after attending Ah Fah and Ah Pho's wedding. I am now officially cursed of course, after being bridesmaid for the third time. Now theres no turning back so if anyone would like me to be their bridesmaid, please drop me a line. My resolution to drop those last couple of kilos have been set back by a couple more kilos now after spending 7 days with my closest friends who love nothing more than to gorge themselves with food. Ah, that is why I love them so. If we lived together, we could start a colony for fatties. So here I am back in KL, bursting at the seams and ready to blog about all the food I had in Sydney.

We arrived early in the evening last Wednesday. We were all starving after picking on salty coagulated cream penne courtesy of Austrian airlines. After a quick shower, we all packed into the Landrover and headed off to Burgerman in Darlinghurst. Its a small unassuming restaurant tucked away in one of the side streets. Its not much to look at but I can assure you the burgers are delicious. I ordered the beef burger with beetroot and horseradish mayo with wholemeal bun. I loved that lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and crisp. And the horseradish mayo packed a real punch. It definitely woke me up! The tomato relish was deliciously intense. Now that was a good relish! The chips deserve a special mention I think. First of all, the were just the right size. Secondly, the flavour of the potato itself was yummy. And finally, it was cooked to perfection! Golden and crispy without leaving your fingers moisturised in oil. They also gave the bride and groom a chocolate rice crispy dessert each after we mentioned we were in Sydney for a wedding. I liked the dessicated coconut in the chocolate and ate most of it since the groom has an aversion for anything coconutty.

I don't know how they manage to pack it in but most of my friends had a gelato each at Messina. I was "pressured" into having a scoop since I am supposed to be the greedy glut when it comes to dessert. I had a kiddie cone because I was trying to save my calories for Bill's (I will have to write a separate entry for Bill's as we had breakfast there THREE times during the course of our stay!) the next day. I had the pandan and coconut gelato which was really delicious as the texture was so smooth and light. It really reminded me of the ice cream from my childhood. I also had a bite of each of my friends. Very, very good! Bloody 'ell!

It was Australia Day the next day and I went to meet some old school friends for drinks at Cargo Bar on King Street Wharf. There were bronzed drunken Ozzies spilling out of the place. It was a beautiful day and we drank the afternoon away until we finally felt hungry. Met up with the others at Nick's seafood. It wouldn't be the kind of place I would've picked but a lot of restaurants were closed for the holiday and some of us were bit too drunk to care really. I had rock oysters to start and rocket salad with beetroot, goats cheese and pinenuts. Rafs ordered oyster kilpatrick, real bacon! Waaaah...

It was Hunky's first time in Oz so he ordered the red wine braised kangaroo. The picture doesn't look very appetising but the taste was fantastic! It was beefy and gamey at the same time. It was surprisingly tender though which made me wonder if it was actually beef after all. Oh well...


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