Noble House

In the spirit of Chinese New Year, I've only eaten Chinese. Its that time of the year when red appears in boutiques, people lo sang one month in advance and there are boxes of mandarins sitting in your kitchen. About a week back, we had lunch in Noble House after being mistakenly led there for dim sum. The problem with Noble House are the prices they charge. It is pricey for Chinese. Ya, ya, they aspire to be the Frangipani of Chinese cuisine but its hard to pull off with karaoke sets in corners, reverberating yam sengs and militant staff. We started off with crispy cod dumplings with pork floss and mayo. It was the size of one small spring roll cut in half. It was crispy, tasty and slightly tacky which I love. I'm guessing the cod is their reason for charging RM15++ for this magic. Now you see it, pop, its gone!

Next up was tangy and sticky sweet ribs. Or rather, rib. For RM12++, the experience was simply to short. I was really enjoying the vinegary sweet crispy shell and then its all over. All that was left were two pieces of overdressed gem lettuce. The foie gras fried rice RM20++ was shared between the four of us. I still like this dish. The fried rice was bursting with flavour from a very hot wok. The foie gras gave the dish a soft and creamy finish. I wish I could eat it everyday but I don't want to visit IJN anytime soon.

We ordered pancakes for dessert. They add banana to the usual lotus seed paste. The pastry was crispy and hot and the filling had just the right amount of sweetness but it was nothing to shout about. I also ordered some black sesame dumplings in ginger water. Bit stingy with the dumplings (two) and they were not as good as Shanghai at Marriott. Lunch cost RM60 odd per person which was hefty for 1) lunch and 2) Chinese.


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