Ravesi's at Bondi

The next morning, we had to rush off to Bondi for a post-wedding brunch with the family. It was a bright blue day and the streets were littered with half naked, young, bronzed people. Our table on the balcony of Ravesi's had a particularly advantageous view. The last time I came to Australia, there was no chance in hell to getting into Ravesi's for a drink. It seems to be very popular but at the same time, my local friends have branded it overrated and pretentious. I was about to find out soon enough.

We had three options for both starter and main course. I went with the duck spring rolls with hoi sin sauce to start with. The skin was nice and crispy, the filling was tasty. For my main course, I chose the asian-inspired fish with coconut milk, coriander and pickled ginger. The fish was perfectly done but the sauce was exactly what I was afraid it would be, sweet. It tasted like they used sweetened coconut cream. Well, I finished most it anyway after scraping the sauce aside. It was nice with the herbs and pickled ginger.

Dween ordered the steak which was a vast improvement from the night before's. The meat was tender, juicy and well marinated. I also tried Hunky's chicken stuffed with ricotta. As far as chicken goes, it was pretty juicy but the subtle taste of the chicken and equally subtle ricotta left the dish tasting flat and bland. Overall, I'm not impressed with Ravisi's. The only saving grace is the fantastic view of the sea. Oh, and the make a bloody good Boody Mary too.

We met up with Ads at Iceberg and watched people do laps in the pool below. It was fun whenever the wave crashed over because you could see the swimmers pushed sideways. Must be quite challenging and scary because you never know when the next wave is coming.


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