Ritzy Parcels of Pleasure

I am utterly shocked that I have not posted about my favourite dim sum restaurant. I didn't realise I have not been in over a year. I have not visited Ming Room yet but I hear the dim sum is quite good. Until then, I stand by Ritz Carlton being the best. I like the impeccable service, the small intimate space and fantastic dim sum. There are three things on my dim sum list. Firstly, I don't care how tasty a restaurant's dim sum is, if I can taste stale oil/lard, its over. There is nothing more vile than the taste of oil thats been reused once too many. Secondly, the translucent skin of steamed dumplings have to be just the right amount of thickness so that it springs back lightly and falls apart in the mouth. And last but not least, msg. I know its impossible for Chinese restaurants to not have msg but it is possible for them to exert some control. It is ok for a little enhancement but not to the point where my throat is all constricted from thirsty irritation by the end of the meal.

Hunky must have his ha gow and I must have my cheong fun. The cheong fun here is fantastic. Its so smooth and thin. We usually order the cheong fun with yau tiew or prawns but this time we tried the one with minced meat and chive. It was a little bland compared to the rest. Safe to say there was no msg in that one! We tried a dim sum from the new year menu, pan fried yam cake with prawn and pork stuffing. It was good.

We had something similar to gau choy gow. This steamed dumpling was bursting at the seams with gau choy and minced pork. It was almost too much stuff to be honest. Its like eating noodles that have more liu than noodles. Hunky ordered a fried dim sum with mango and prawn as a substitute to our usual prawn dumplings with salad sauce. I liked it, it wasn't oily and the mango was nice and sweet. I couldn't fit dessert in but had a bite of Hunky's mango pudding. I'm not a big fan but the texture was lovely and smooth with tiny pieces of chopped mango.


  1. I realised after reading this particular item that I need to revisit the Ritz-Carlton. I need my fix of prawn dim sum!

  2. I hafta agree with you. Li Yen serves the best dim sum in town and it is well worth the price. Actually, when you think about it, it isn't that expensive considering that their portions are bigger than normal.


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