Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I got teary more than once during the day of the wedding. Ah Fah looked so beautiful, radiant and serene. I, on the other hand, was nervous for her. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. It was completely blue which resulted in several guests getting sun burn. However, it was also very windy which provided relief to the men in their suits and made for very dramatic photographs. The wind was so strong, it picked up Ah Fah's veil and nearly got blown away if not for my lightning reflex! After the exchange of vows, we all breathed a sigh of relief and sipped champagne from plastic flutes and manipulated melting Pat & Stick's Homemade Ice Cream around the wind to stop the ice cream dripping onto our nice threads. With my bridesmaid duties officially over, I was able to enjoy the evening reception at Doltone House on Jones Bay Wharf.
It was such a lovely venue. The quirky couple surprised everyone with a mariachi band. I missed quite a few canapes as I was busy snapping pictures and catching up with people. And they sounded so delicious too! I've never been to a wedding where they had alternate serving before. Luckily, I had the option to swap with Hunky as he pretty much eats anything. I got the poached scallops with carrot and cumin frittata and yoghurt dressing to start. Hunky got goats cheese with beetroot relish which he mistook for red cabbage. The flavours were interesting but I thought the cumin overpowered the delicate tasting scallop.

For the main course, I got braised lambshank with mash and baby carrots while Hunky got the grilled Scotch fillet. The lambshank was nicely cooked but not seasoned very well. It turned out alright though because the mash was extremely well seasoned (gag!). I desperately wanted to suck on the marrow, my god! I would've stuck a straw in! Sadly, I had to leave it alone as I didn't want to mortify the other guests on my table. Hunky was very disappointed with his rubbery steak. It was tasty but overcooked unfortunately. By the time dessert came round, the bride and groom had completely left our table which left me to contemplate on whether to scoff their dessert. I figured they would be too drunk to notice. Alas, they came back. My dessert was a caramel and banana mousse thing with white chocolate. I didn't like it and Hunky was only too happy to swap as he did not like his apple tarte tartin with apple sorbet. I loved it!

The cake was shaped to look like a box with a figurine of their beloved dog sitting by the side. Rafs and I were completely fooled. We thought they would lift the box to unveil the cake. How stupid would we have looked if we had gone over and tried to lift the box! I seemed to have been the only one liked the royal icing. I thought the sweetness was perfect as the cake was a dark and intense chocolate cake. I think I had two slabs while everyone was getting more drunk on champagne. We were also treated to a waltz by the happy (and tipsy) couple. It was so sweet! What a funtastic and beautiful evening. Below is a photo that really captured the essence of the evening!



    Erm, where were these canapes? I didn't see any.

  2. The old foggies ate all the canapes! Guess they were hungry by 6 o' clock!

    I liked the icing on the cake too..

    Great pic of yumm senng! Edwin are you about to dive headlong into the couple?!


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