Unexpected Visitor

Taking a break from Chinese banquets, Hunky and I stayed in and had one of his favourite meals - bangers and mash. Not just any banger, it has to be from Jarrod & Rawlins which is undisputedly the best homegrown sausages available commercially. Well its not too difficult seeing the competition is either canned or processed beyond recognition. I tried to find some information about the meat content in their sausages but to no avail. I guess I will have to call up their office on Monday.
Anyway, Hunky fried up the sausages while I caramelised the onions and made the mash potatoes. The potatoes were a tad floury but nothing a huge dollop of butter and massive quantities of cream couldn't fix. As if it wasn't filling enough, we also had some leftover crumble that Hunky's mum had made. I think she said it was a Nigella recipe which is probably why the crumble was more like shortbread, rich! We also had an unexpected guest during dinner. I had to take a photo as the little guy looked so serene glued to the window.


  1. LOL on yr unexpected visitor. I guess the smell of J&R's sausages were so tempting that it could not resist.


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