Family Dins at Shang Palace

The first of many yee sang started last week at Shang Palace. I hardly ever eat fancy Chinese unless its dim sum which I am super picky about. On this rare occasion, my brother was buying the family dinner as his Shangri-la priviledge card was about to expire soon. We ordered yee sang with nashi pear and jelly fish. I liked that there were not any neon-dyed vegetables. I aslo like the delicate flavour and crisp texture of the pear along with the ginger and crunchy crackers.

We had peking duck which would've been very nice if it had not been for the thick doughy pancakes. We also ordered a small portion of claypot duck with yam. That was interesting. I love yam and I love duck. It tasted terribly rich and incredibly salty. My brother had ordered it because it reminded him of a dish he had in Hanoi. He said the one in Hanoi was nicer because it wasn't so rich.

There was a dish we picked from the "healthy dish" page which was a deep-fried mango-filled pastry. I'm not sure how this falls into the healthy category! Our one token vegetable was chinese cabbage cooked in cream and smoked ham. It was like carbonara but better! It was very nice but again, very rich as you can imagine. My favourite dish was the braised pork with fried mantou. Mmmmmm! Fatty pork, gravy and fried bread, need I say more?!


  1. Oh hello! Nice pictures!!!

  2. Yum! Been ages since I ate at Shang Palace and the food looks really good.

  3. Gong xi fa cai to you and yr family. Hope the Year of the Boar brings you lots of prosperity and yummy eats.


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