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On Wednesday sis and I attended a Jacob's Creek wine dinner at Frangipani. I know, I know, Jacob's Creek is synonymous with cheap supermarket wine. These are their new, well maybe new in Malaysia I think, premium wines that is their Heritage range. Where better to start promoting these new expensive wines than in Frangipani right? Still one of my favourite restaurants because Chris is just pure genius. I am a loyal fan as you can see.

The night started off with sparkling rose and canapes on the platform set over the pond. A member of a chinese press still manage to fall in despite the edges of the water being lit by candles. Fortunately, it was merely one soaked foot as she was very quickly grabbed by the man she was talking to. When we sat down to dinner, we were slightly intimidated by the amount of fork and knives set on the table. 5 courses! Even though they are fairly small, it amounts to a very large plate really! We started off with a paired with a riesling. The gorgonzola mousse was so light and creamy. I was pleasantly surprised how the butterscotch cider sauce just picked up the dish while the roasted apple added a touch of sweetness. Oh and the nut brioche! Yummy! This is a man who served buttered toast with foie gras pate! The next dish was a St.Pierre fillet with macadamia crust and served with roasted tomatoes and artichoke puree. We had a 2004 Reeve's Point Chardonnay which went very well with the dish. I think I am beginning to understand marrying wine a little bit. Its like how burgers have be washed down with a coke. Ah, if the JC people could hear me now, they would be horrified!

The third course was rare salmon tournedos with pan seared foie gras on a bed of stewed oxtail. The oxtail was really quite fabulous. I would've liked a big bowl with some crusty white bread on the side. Mmmm. As for the salmon, I really am over this fish. To compliment the dish, we were served a 2002 Centenary Hill Shiraz. Rarely have I tasted such a mellow shiraz. It was a pleasant change to the usual spicy, throat-searing stuff. By this time I was starting to feel quite happy from the wine! We started making rude jokes with the word "creek". We were saved from ourselves when the grilled braised wagyu rump with pumpkin croquette and mole arrived. The wagyu was so moist, tender and flavourful. Actually the mole just distracted from the chargrilled smokeyness of the meat. Fabulous. We had it with 2003 St Hugo Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon.

Finally when my pants were starting to feel a little snug, the venison tenderloin arrived. Chris was telling us how much the meat cost. It was crazy but it really was amazing. I haven't tasted venison like that before. It was subtle and dense at the same time. Not overpowering. Still, I couldn't finish it as it was just a too rare for my liking. Also I wanted to save room for dessert! We had Jacob's Creek Limited Release 2001 Shiraz Cabernet with the venison. It was a nice end to the meal. I ordered a pear and strawberry charlotte with balsamic strawberries. It looked terrible large but you know what, I finished it all! The texture was so light and creamy at the same time. The strawberries added a hint of tartness. Delicious! Money well spent.


  1. Sounds good - I guess that reporter was tipsy already.


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