Lunch at Larisata

Its been awhile since my last post, not because I haven't eating. As if! I've just been busy and have not had time to blog, also because they weren't anything worth mentioning. On Tuesday, my sister whisked me away for lunch at Larisata Ampang. They have an Italian chef consulting at the moment and he has been churning out plates and plates of food. I must say that everytime I've been, the specials have been very different and delicious each time. On that day we had beef ravioli with bacon and mushroom sauce, baked garoupa with herb crust and panacotta with orange sauce. I liked the garoupa best, it was fresh, just cooked and light. Perfect for lunch. I didn't like the beef ravioli much. This particular cut of meat has a very strong meat taste which I don't particularly enjoy. As for beef bacon, what a waste of time. I'm not a big fan of pannacotta but as far as sweet, wobbly cream puddings go, it was pretty good.


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