flash floods disintegrates pie

It was Pussycat and Mayakin's joint birthday celebration on Thursday. I volunteered to bake the cake as Pussycat is allergic to wheat. I made a pavlova for her and for Mayakins, a banoffee pie made with rice flour. I didn't boil the condensed milk to death and it was a little runnier than I hoped but it was too late to boil another tin by then. I have noticed that when I use to make it in London, the condensed milk was really, really thick! Like a spreadable paste almost. Must be the fat in the milk. I was pretty upset when I was stuck in a 2 hour jam, not because I was in a jam but because the banoffe pie was disintegrating! It was such a disaster. The runny toffee had made the whipped cream soft and the whole thing was melting before my eyes. I just felt bad about giving Mayakins such a ugleee cake. Fortunately, they tasted good so it was all good!!


  1. Yeah, I tried making Banoffee once with the condensened milk and it just didn't set so well too.

  2. What beautiful cakes!

  3. i cant get myself to boil a can of condensed milk for two hours...what a waste of fuel. there HAS to be an easier way. so unless i have to make like 5 bannoffee pies in a row, i guess i'll never use the condensed milk recipe. AWW got a caramel banana pie recipe which isnt too bad.


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