Junk Inside My Trunk

I had some serious cravings today which is a sure sign of the impending arrival of dreaded aunt crimson. I tend to load up on junk food like cheezels, super rings and tomato twisties before she arrives. I discovered super rings by chance with an ex-colleague years ago. There was a man who would come on his motorbike carting junk, sweets and cigarettes. He didn't have any cheezels so we had to pick the closest thing. I remember opening the packet in her room. The bright, gharish, neon orange colour of the faux cheese rings was crazy! After we got over the initial shock, we haven't looked back since. Hmmm, I haven't had it in awhile. I think the last time I had a bag was during a road trip to Penang with my friends. Thats another time I eat junk, on long drives out of KL. On the way back, I am normally too pigged out to eat anything.
Today when I was walking past kedai makanan salai Lim Meng Kee on Imbi, I was hit by a craving for deep-fried mini prawn rolls. The description says it all doesn't it? First of all, they are deep-fried. Secondly, they are so small that you just can't stop popping them into your mouth. Evil! Pure evil! I also wanted to get the pork floss and chee yoke kon too but decided against it when I thought of my gym sesh with my trainer tomorrow. Instead I bought 2 egg tarts (got to have something sweet after the prawn rolls right?) from the coffee shop on the corner. The egg tarts were good. They were still warm which made them frustratingly moreish. Frustrating because I had already jumped into the car and drove off so I couldn't buy more! That was my lunch. Healthy huh? For tea, I had some durian from the durian stall across TMC. I thought I was delirious from hunger when I caught a whiff of durian from my room. I could smell them through the cling wrap, in the kitchen, from my room upstairs with the door closed. Impressive or wot? Quite uncanny really, I think I must've been a bloodhound in my past life (but not slobbery, I think).
It would've been the perfect end to the day if I had eaten KFC for dinner. Oh well, I reckon I saved myself half an hour on the treadmill tomorrow. Oh yea, why is KFC in Malaysia so hard bent on not letting customers combine original and hot n spicy when making an order? Why? There is no logic. They cost the bloody same! They do it overseas so I don't see why the same cannot be applied here. Since I am on the subject of annoying things, I'd like to share my two pet peeves relating to food:
1) People who chew with their mouths open. Chomp chomp, smack, slurp, spit. Argh!
2) People who use "take" instead of "eat". Do you take chilli? Did you take your lunch? Where the hell did I take my lunch to?!!
And finally, a photo which has nothing to do with food. I just thought it was really funny! This was taken at the Sungai Besi toll on the way back from a session with my tormentor and saviour (I'm talking about acupuncture!).


  1. Those tarts are yummy esp when they come out piping hot - mini sized just to be popped into the mouth.


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