saucy salads & failed foldovers

After injesting more calories than I've been expelling the past week, I made it a point to have salad for lunch everyday. Check out my salad. The dressing was made out of low-fat yogurt. I wanted the creaminess without the guilt. Add some capers, wholegrain mustard, flat-leaf parsley, sea salt and a dash of olive oil and you forget its just boring old low fat yogurt. I also added some grated reduced fat cheddar for flavour. The half-boiled eggs made the whole salad feel even more creamy and satisfying. The oyster mushrooms were there to add bulk and texture. Doesn't taste of very much anyway. What salad shall I make next? I think one with smoked chicken perhaps. Hmmm...

I had to grab a quick dinner on saturday before work. Was walking past McD's and grabbed a foldover. The picture at the counter looked promising, there were slices of beef and tomatoes spilling out of the pita bread. Hah! Check out my picture. I swear there was only a tablespoon of meat. RM7.30 for this? What a rip-off. I much prefer rot john which is what I'm guessing the foldover aspired to be. Chilli and mayo in bread. Choi!


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