Merdeka Feast

I often wonder why people visit shopping malls on public holidays. Is the Malaysian lifestyle really so limited? Don't we have other things to do that doesn't involve eating and walking around shopping malls? I was in 1 Utama this afternoon with Lian to rock climb. I was dreading the parking situation but I was itching to climb. Managed to find a spot after 10 minutes but only after I exited the upper levels when I couldn't even get up the ramp! Basement was mucccch better although I witnessed a near-fight over a parking spot. I don't know who the spot really belonged to as I only just turned the corner to see a man shout and kick the door of the other car that pulled into the spot. It was a little scary as the man was really angry. There were rude words exchanged but luckily nobody got hurt. People, its Merdeka Day. Surely there wouldn't be more appropriate day to practise a little patience and racial harmony? And you really should be prepared for parking woes when you visit a mall on a public holiday. If you are going to lose it, stay home and chill.

After two hours of rock climbing, what better way to relax than to indulge in a little afternoon tea. See pictures of the massacre! I was the last person to get there. Fortunately, there were still loads left over. I made a pavlova (again) as requested by the hostess. It was even more fab than the last one but I'm really not a big fan. She bought some scones from Delicious which were surprisingly good considering how sucky their cupcakes are. We aslo had some sausage rolls and pies from Strudels, profiteroles, quiche (made by sis), cheese, butter cake and more! I skipped dinner. Couldn't possible fit anything else in!


  1. Yeah! It was like the whole world was in the malls. The scones from Delicious is nice - very buttery.


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