Frothy Cakes

After lunch I suddenly had a craving for sweet fluffy pastel coloured fatt gow/apom. After scouring several recipes on the net, I decided to make the rice flour version. After all, that was the original ingredient. It seemed fairly simple enough although I am not sure why the mixture had to rest. It didn't have anything in there which required "resting". Also, I accidentally used lime flavoured Eno. I didn't even know Eno came in different flavours! The taste was quite... Interesting?* The recipe said to mix in the Eno at the last minute and to steam immediately. Nevermind the freaking batter was bubbling over like a witch's cauldron, I poured the bubbling mixture into the moulds as instructed. So the first batch was basically steamed froth. Well, it was definitely light and fluffy! The second batch which were sitting patiently on the side turned out perfect because all the fizz had gone flat by then. Now, to tweak the taste...

*Just got home and ate one of the perfect ones. It tasted pretty good! I realise that it tasted weird previously because I was basically eating Eno froth. Ahhh....Duh...


  1. Anonymous10:15 pm

    I believe you can use 7-up instead of Eno.

  2. Aieeee...looks so pretty! But er..lime flavour??! I want to try some anyway!

  3. They look good though - pretty in pink.


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