Poke Me, Prod Me, Cup Me

Last night while I was happily munching on the strawberry in my virgin daquiri, I was hit but a wave of dizziness. Dizziness in a unbalanced sense, not my usual bimbosity. I figured it was because I was tired but this morning I was quite peeved to find out that it was still there. I comforted myself with a fat-free muffin which ended up down the sink. Went back to bed only to wake up an hour later, still feeling dizzy but hungry. After two bites of fried mee hoon, mum dragged me by the ear to go see the Chinese doctor in Putrajaya. We got there just in time for me to run out of car and kneel over the flowerbed. Gross and not very glam. In my state of empty-stomachness, I did think it was very funny. Infact, everything that was said to me during the whole time seemed utterly comical. Like when Dr.Liu was telling me how tense my gay yoke (muscle) was. Gay Meat. I know, its not very funny at all but everytime he said it, and he said it ALOT, I started giggling. I blame it on lack-of-food hsyteria. So I had acupuncture done, acupressure massage followed by cupping which I've never done before. Quite fun. When you wriggle your back, the bottles clink against one another. Yes, I thought this was highly amusing too. After he left the room, I had a blast making my own music. I am happy to say I am feeling much better. I had porridge an hour ago and its still in my stomach. Yay! I love porridge. Mum made a sweet potato porridge and we had it with stir-fried long beans and steamed fish. I was so hungry, didn't stop to take a photo. Food, glorious food! I can eat again!


  1. thanks x! Altho' some teh tarik cupcakes would help alooooot... :-)


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