Less 2%

Pan-fried steak with fried onions, gherkins, extra-light cheese and honey mustard dressing on toasted multi-grain bread. That was lunch after my assesment yesterday. What better way to celebrate than to ingest some fat? So apparently I've lost 2% body fat. I'm just happy that I completed the harvard step-test this time. How bloody unfit was I? I read somewhere that most people underestimate their food intake. Now that I am keeping a food journal, I've come to realise that this is true! That two biccies, cup of milo, bite of popiah here and there does add up to alot. I will never be able to keep to a diet but am trying to make healthier choices and cutting out butter and sugar for the most part. So that on the weekends or when I'm out for dinner, I don't beat myself up over dessert. A girl's got to have some fun right? I have to say that working out in the morning, on an empty stomach is the best! Seriously, I am on a high for the whole day and I can virtually feel the fat melting away with each stride! Well, not quite but it does wonders for the psyche. That is, if you can be arsed to get out of bed in the first place.


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