Kilang Kek Ah Lian

In true domestic goddess fashion, I've been baking, cooking and sewing the past few days. Sis baked 5 gigantic cakes for a charity bake this weekend. I helped with the icing and making it nice and tacky! I tried a recipe for no-fat, low sugar & high fibre oat bran muffins. They turned out quite nicely much to the amazement of my family. Its a nice breakfast muffin and they do need to be eaten warm. Otherwise they are a tad on the chewy side. As soon as I was done baking those guiltless carbs, I moved on to making full fat, sugar-laden cashew brittle. I shouldn't have followed the recipe because the butter separated and left me with oily, but delicious, and slightly sandy-textured brittle. While I was watching it cool, the cashews started to creep me out! I need to sort my heebie-jeebies out...


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