Lazy Friday at Fit For 2

Had another shattering session with my trainer this morning. However, the prospect of eating cake and going to the Attic sale motivated me enough to get my butt on the xtrainer for a further 30 mins. Its been awhile since I've met up with Debbie who is the owner of Fit For 2 in Bangsar. There were so many homemade goodies on display, I decided to be good and had a tofu salad for lunch. Suffer now, enjoy later. The menu has expanded quite a bit with a lot of healthy and hearty options. Over a chocolate & peanut butter cupcake, we talked about children, how one is never ready to have them. I love my niece and nephew but there are days I want to throw them out the window. Especially when I've had a late night and they wake me up with their crying and whining. Everybody always say its different when you have your own. I don't doubt that. I'm sure I will be a leeeetle more patient with my own but I know I won't be a smother. I am enjoying my single life. My time is my own. I'm sure being a mother will teach me selflessness, patience and more about the big picture. But for now, I will jet off on holiday whenever I feel like it, do (or don't do) as I please and spend all my money on me, me, me! Speaking of which, I did not spend any money on me, me, me at Attic because none of the clothes fit, fit, fit! Size 2-6, are you nuts?!


  1. Don't feel alone in your quest to be thin. Last time I looked you are thin already!! You must be feeling so good and so light! Your hard work certainly paid off! I just had my assessment today - waliau - lots of work to be done. Doesn't help that I'm experimenting with cupcake recipes... But I just taste... I don't eat whole ones - and i give them all away! Lucky Dancing Bunny is not on a diet!

    And thank goodness for low carb protein shakes. they really keep you full...

  2. Thanks Mon! I've heard ALL about your cupcakes from Shamila. I gather they are all flourless huh? I've been intouch with my inner domestic goddess too. Baking, cooking, sewing all week! Must let you try my fat-free, low sugar apple cinnamon muffins. They are pretty yummy considering. But I'll take you cupcakes anyday!


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