Confusion Says "Don't Mess With Traditional Cooking"

Cuz and I found ourselves trawling around KL on a Friday night desperately looking for a place to have a decent meal. We nearly ended up going to Kampachi but Cuz missed the turning which led us to Chulan Square instead. We ended up at the chinese restaurant there. Forgive me, it was over a week ago so I can't the name of the restaurant nor much about the dishese we had. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't great. Give me Overseas or Imbi Palace anytime. We decided on the chinese because Cuz was very taken by the menu. She is a bit of a Kylie Kwong "caramelised, caramelised, caramelised..." We tried several of the chef's specials. We had scallop pan-fried with bacon which was quite nice but then you can't really go wrong with a) scallop and b) bacon. The pan-seared foie gras on fried lotus was interesting. It had a very tart, vinegarish sauce which I've never had with foie gras before. The meal went downhill from there. The next dish was fried minced pork patty (pictured with star anise garnish). It was so sweet! I swear I thought it was dessert! The freshwater king prawns were dismal. Halve the prawn, pour some cream/cheese sauce and bake in the oven. Voila. This is the chef's special?? The honey glazed cod was terrible! I think they heated up leftovers for us because the cod was brown. You know, I can't even be bothered writing about the rest. I'm just glad freaking Blogger is working again so I can post all my pretty pictures. It is when I eat at restaurants like this that I feel Chinese food should be left untouched by modern hands. The flavours in Chinese cooking are already so diverse, from the spicy and almost exotic flavours from the Szechuan province to humble rural cooking to the truly sophisticated style of Cantonese cuisine. It would be better if restaurants here offered more specialised provincial cuisine rather than attempt to reinvent the already perfect.


  1. This sounds like Fine Circle - ok, another write off place.

    Not sure if you had the food at Chynna but we recently ate there and it was so good. I wouldn't say I love the kitsch costumes the wait staff wear but the food is simple Chinese stuff done so well. Sadly no pixs as my family would have been mortified.

  2. Hey thanks for dropping by. I like your blog! We must swap horror stories. I am shameless about snapping photos. Infact, they even wait for me to take a photo before the big massacre that is dinner with my family. Chynna is the one at Hilton right? I've only had lunch there and it was alright. Generous portions but I need my pork :-)

  3. Of all you blog pics I like these the most! Such honest pictures! Free flowing black soya sauce, unashamed pools of oil at the bottom of the dish, burnt bits of crust, brown bits of coal that are supposedly the meat, vegetables that of course wither when cooked... i can almost taste the carbon. honestly, no masking, no dusguising, just food as it really is in real life.


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