Last Tuesday, my partners and I went to check out Eest at Westin. These are one of the perks in my biz. Eating out as "market research". Ah, its a tough job. Anyway, let me just say how dedicated I am to my job because the tables were freaking me out! The circular tables were especially creepy. It wasn't so bad when we moved to the rectangular ones. I know, we all have our idiosyncracies!

For rm58nett you can have a choice of varying Asian-themed menus for lunch. I chose to go on the "slow boat on the river" menu I think it was. Thai basically. I have to say, we were really, really disappointed. We all had different sets and only the Japanese one was ok. We started off with soup. Mine was...pretty. It was a mushroom consomme with floating bits of corn which looked like yellow flowers. The only think I liked on my set were the two pieces of endive which came with a pot of fermented bean dipping paste. The red curry chicken was truly shocking. It tasted like it came out of a bottle. No sorry, the bottled ones taste better. It was just so blaaaah. The only thing that saved the day was the waiter who enquired about our untouched food, apologising and bringing us a round of extra desserts. He aslo gave us some fun strawberry jellied-melon lollies. The final dessert was "a study of durian" (pictured below), pretentious but quite pleasant. I'm not sure whether I would go back again. Maybe on a date? As long as somebody else is paying!


  1. thxs for the review. Guess Eest is definitely a place to only try out if someone is paying!

  2. Weeeeell, dinner might be better. The waiter kept trying to hynoptise us by chanting " the dinner menu is better, the dinner menu is better". They do have a nice selection of cocktails and the place is easy on the eys. So slip on the party dress and make a date with a hottie.


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