Any excuse to eat. Again, we had to ah, do some research (heh heh) and it was also our manager's birthday. Double Happiness! I haven't been to Cilantro's for their fantastic Friday lunch in awhile. This time, we found out that the wine is no longer free-flowing. I guess too many alkies were taking advantage of the fab deal. 4-course lunch with wine for only rm100 nett. Where else can you get such a good deal? Maybe Prego's Sunday buffet & bubbly lunch for 138nett. We started with a artichoke mousse with crayfish & consomme jelly (above). Sounds mushy and gross but tastes amazing! And they served it with a sparkling rose which was just so pretty and sweet. Next course was fried anago with baby rocket & penne with parmesan. The anago was light, crispy and incredibly tasty. Next I had steamed sea perch with pea sprouts & uni sauce. The braised oxtail with foie gras (right) was tempting but I can't resist uni. I did not regret my choice. The fish was cooked to perfection. It was delicate and springy, the sauce added a nice rich & creamy texture to the otherwise healthy dish. For dessert with had feuillatine with mango & strawberry (left). Mmmm, what a lovely way to end the week.


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