Treasured Junk

There was a time in my life when the words shoe, handbag and sale would trigger the release of endorphins into my blood stream. These days I might feel a little tingle but nothing more. Ever since I bought an apartment, all I can think about is wallpaper, lighting and more importantly, kitchen equipment. I admit I am a hoard hog. I collect a spatula here, a peeler there and more recently, a Kitchen Aid mixer which I have been lusting after for awhile. There are still so much I have to buy for the apartment, I am dreading the big $$$ purchases.
I love nothing more than to browse through aisles of cookie cutters, spatulas and useless gadgets, particularly the egg slicer and avocado cutter. What is that all about? I also love looking at mixers, blenders, coffee machines, etc... My next purchase is going to be pots and pans. Le Creuset now comes in pretty pastels. Colours like satin blue, almond, lavender and strawberry. Joy! However, those things are so darn heavy, I need to start lifting weights before I can use them. Today I went to a kitchen equipment wholesaler along Jalan Cheras. Check out the size of the industrial mixers. They look like they belong on the set of Star Wars. If you are interested in baking 5, or more, cakes at one go, they are currently on sale. Perhaps you would like an oven to fit the 5 cakes in? They have that too.

I also picked up a dusty little kitchen scale in Pudu. I already bought one from the Isetan sale recently but I couldn’t resist adding this to my collection. I couldn’t help but notice this rather sad looking thing from a bygone era. It stood out like a sore thumb next to the green scales favoured by Chinese sundry shops. It was irresistibly retro and chic in all its orange melamine glory. I especially like the side dial where one can set and view “memory of calories consumed”. I think the shop owner must’ve been overjoyed that I finally removed this “junk” from his hands. I’ve been trying to find out more about the manufacturer but to no avail. Guess it really is junk. Oh well, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.


  1. wow... yr apartment must b a big one to store all those equipment. A good equipment must perform, then only we know how good it it. A good food must tasted by some1, then only u know how good it is.... ok, the main point is, i willing to be the one who try yr new food recipe... hehe

  2. Where's this shop? Can remember how much is that 'star wars' mixer?

  3. Jackson you are as subtle as a tonne of bricks! haha. I am honoured that you volunteered and will try my best not to disappoint!

    Tummythoz, the shop is called CKE Marketing. Don't have the exact address but its next to Nissan. Smallest one was RM800. Are you starting a bakery??

  4. Love that retro scale esp the bit at the end which says calories consumed....totally unique.

  5. Hahaha. Me? A bakery? Don't even own an oven-ler. Didn't even replace d microwave which died on me due to lack of attention.
    Just thot of getting one as a gift.


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