My Darling Dumpling

I found out from Mum this morning that today will be the last day of zhong tzit, or dumpling festival. I haven't had a single one this time apart from the kan sui zhong (picture on right). Incidentally, what are they called in English? Surely not alkaline water dumpling? What a mouthful.

So Mum has been bringing back bundles of different home made zhongs every few days and I watch by the sidelines while the rest of my family devour them. And every so often, they will look at me with an expression that is a cross between disbelief and respect. Or was it pity? Hah! Little do they know, I will be receiving some lovely nyonya zhongs made by Boo's (no relation to Boolicious) mum. Boo's mum makes the most amazing layer cakes, mooncakes and zhongs. I guess I also appreciate them even more because she doesn't make that many and they are kind enough to share some with me. Boo's mum hasn't been in the mood to make mooncakes the last couple of years. Everytime I see her I ask with great hope, "Aunty are you making mooncake this year?" And each time she replies with a very non-commital chuckle that parents seem to do so well.

On a separate note, I had lunch with Rafs at Chef & Brew last week. After we sat down, we couldn't figure out why something just didn't feel right. Despite the contemporary look to the place, there was something that was bordering on tacky. I think it was the butter knife that gave it away. We soon confirmed that it was indeed owned by Victoria Station. Anyway, I was happy to see that they had a vegetarian burger on the menu. Although if I had known it was owned by a steakhouse, I would've just stuck to a grilled cheese sandwich. It arrived with two sprigs of gau choy sticking out from the top of the bun like some insects antennas. My burger patty was very well seasoned but I couldn't get past the taste of stale oil. It was not very pleasant but tasted ok with the beans and aubergine. Rafs had a chicken salad which came in a substantial portion. After that I made my way over to see Nigel at Just Heavenly to ask if he had anything without eggs in it. My god! I think I would've had a better chance at winning the lottery. Sadly, I could only soak in the many delicious cakes and pastries visually. Next time...


  1. ouch that must have sucked to skip any of Nigel's desserts..yeah i saw the victoria station chilli sauce and that gave it away..

  2. gawd the antennas look ridiculous! Even creativity should have its limits.

    must be tough being a vegetarian during the chung festival.

  3. Think it would look better with d chives (yes?) lying down on d burger instead of being 'denda berdiri' on it.

  4. Poor thing. If it is any consolation, I have also only eaten kan sui chong so far this season. Not delved into the savoury ones yet despite them sitting in the fridge. Yup, Chef and Brew is part of the Vic Station group.

  5. Egad! Chong season came and went??? Too much E!

    BTW - I thought yr burger patty was kinda yummy!

  6. Mmmm... chung. My aunt passed me four dumplings, nynoya variety, and I gasak habis in two sittings... delicious...

    Now I need to get me some kan sui chung when I go home Malacca this weekend, with real gula Melaka dripping all over it... :D

  7. Ha ha...well, you can say that they are generous with the gau choy! LOL...

  8. Yes! Joe, we also had our suspicions confirmed when they placed the chilli sauce on our table!

    LL, you have no idea! :-( Er... Spare some zhong please?

    Boolicious - my mum has frozen some for me to eat after my diet but not quite the same when eating alone after the festival hor?

    Tummythoz & WMV- well, it was certainly different! haha...

    Step away from the tv Rafs! My burger was too much after about 3 bites. Glad you enjoyed!

    Kenny, you know if you have any extra zhongs that you don't want, I can help you get rid of them!

  9. Hee hee, I never have any extras cos I'm such a BIG glutton! :D

    Oh did we meet at Nigel and Allan's launch on Sat? I was a bit blur, to be honest and may have missed you since we haven't met in person yet. Mucho apologies if so.

  10. Hey Kenny, you are so selfish! :-) I wasn't at JHP launch unfortunately so we are yet to meet! I did see you from afar at Sandias tho!


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