Making Soup Out Of Nothing At All

Its been 15 days now. I feel lighter, calmer and my yoga has definitely improved. Although that probably has to do more with eating lightly compared to attempting yoga after char siu fahn previously. I haven't done much cooking apart from the occasional grilled vegetable & roasted garlic pasta and odd green salad. I have been making a lot of soup instead. And we have the perfect weather for drinking hot soup right now.

Last week, I decided I wanted to make some stock. I took for granted that there would be vegetables in the fridge. There is always something to eat/cook in the fridge in my house. This time I ran out of luck. All I had to work with was garlic, onions and chinese lettuce. What? Yes, I attempted to make stock out of those ingredients. Not surprisingly, it was terrible! Fortunately, the rain finally stopped and I was able to run out to get some carrots and celery. And so I've been living off that batch of stock for the last week. I made a zucchini and cheese soup by boiling the zucchini with some stock. Blended the soup to make it smoother and put it back on the stove. Then I added some grated odd bits of cheese I found in the fridge which was aged cheddar and parmesan. Dash of cream and voila! A rich and comforting soup, to qoute Hunky - "to warm your cockles".

The following day, I stole some young papaya from Mum and simmered it in stock. I really liked the clean-tasting sweetness of the papaya but I added some vinegar to balance the sweetness. The resulting soup had depth and a lovely mellowness to it. Couple of days later I doused some fresh corn with olive oil, seasoned it, wrapped it in foil and chucked it in the oven along side my cupcakes which were baking away, and very yummy I might add. I didn't have to do much to it after that as it had caramelised. It was so tasty, I had to stop myself from eating it on its own. I made a soup and added a couple cloves of roasted garlic for some added kick. It was really nice. Not quite as sweet as Palate Palettes but almost as good I reckon. The last soup I made was a carrot soup. I took some carrots from the stock pot and blitzed it into a puree. It was quite bland which I didn't mind. For Hunky's version, I spiced it up with mustard, cumin, quite a bit of salt and a some cream. Although he thought I went a bit overboard with the mustard, he really enjoyed it and finished it anyway.
I'm all out of stock, I'm so lost without you. I know Mum was right about boiling for so long. I'm all out of stock, what am I without you. I've got to go make more stock now and I'll make it strong.


  1. Hi there Paprika!

    So glad I stumbled across your blog --- I love food blogs though I'm not a flogger myself. What delicious and inventive ways with soups... makes me crave a hot, home-made bowl of soup really badly right now.

    Hopefully Mom will have a nice bowl of peppery ABC soup just the way I like it when I go home to Malacca this coming weekend. ;)

  2. What creative stocks you have. Is that a great pickup line or wat. Me..I'm lazy..I get them from the supermarket. :-P

  3. i leave the soup to the mom that is..haha..have nvr venture and only have gone as far as opening up a can of Campbells

  4. Hi Kenny, thanks for dropping by! Hope you had a nice big bowl of ABC over the weekend. There is just something really comforting about drinking mum's soup isn't there? No matter how hard I try, my ABC just doesn't taste as good as mum's.

    You can pick me up anytime LL! ;-) I always get my friend to bring me Continental Cup-a-soup from Oz. I love all those dehydrated vegetables!

    Joe, Campbells tomato soup will always be very special to me. I don't know how many cans I've consumed with thickly buttered white bread! Mmmmm....Although when I had it recently it felt a lot like drinking ketchup! haha!

  5. Only soups as full meals? U are strong woman, u are indeed strong!

  6. i love soups but mostly made chinese style cos they're the easiest haha and hubby likes them herbal.

  7. Ah, soup! My fav stuff. I used to survive on just soup when I was working late. It was the only thing my tummy could eat when I came home at midnite.

    P/s love that ode to soup which has to be sang with all that Air Supply soulfulness...

  8. Ah not that strong, just makes me a hungry woman tummythoz.

    Er, never occured to me to make herbal soups. Duhhhh. Think will do that today!

    Glad you liked it. I couldn't help myself! haha so silly...


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