Climb and Eat Well

When Rafs and I first started climbing, we were gung ho as hell. Well, she was the gung ho one and I used to feed off her fury. We'd climb for hours and hours. I don't know where we found the energy as it was all brute strength back then, not like the stealth techniques we use these days. Yea right. If anything, I have not been climbing well at all and I'm convinced its the lack of meat. I get so tired so quickly because there really is hardly any energy in vegetables. Well, thats my excuse anyway. Anyway, theres a little cafe at Camp 5 that promotes eating well, serving up simple and healthy meals. They use organic where they can and all natural ingredients.

Last week, after climbing with Boo, we grabbed a quick meal before watching a movie. We both ordered penne with pesto. I just assumed it was vegetarian but it wasn't. After a couple of bites, I bit into a piece of chicken. I looked deeper into the bowl and discovered it was covered with chicken. Thankfully they changed it for me, free of charge, after I explained that I did not realise it was pesto chicken. I was given a white sauce pasta with capsicum and mushrooms instead. There was something tacky about the sauce that reminded me of instant sauces and airplane food. Fortunately, I do enjoy tacky food from time to time. It was far too rich though. I only managed half a bowl. As for Danny Ocean and gang, didn't quite live up to the first two movies. After all, how much more complex and over the top can yet another heist be? It was entertaining and definitely easy on the eyes but Vincent Cassel and Ellen Barkin was wasted in this movie.


  1. wa lau wei. i can't even climb the stairs to the toilet, let alone climb climb without any meat in my diet. :-P you're a strong 'un, m'child...yep, a strong 'un.

  2. Second dish looks seriously drowning in white sauce leh... Very rich, but me likes rich sauces...

    P.S. O13 was a bit blah, but hey, Ellen Barkin is always a hot addition though underused, I agree. Vince Cassel was completely wasted, in my opinion...

  3. well I'll be darned lil' missy, com'on over and cook me some fried chicken? hahaha...

    Ah I'm not a creamy-saucey kind of person unless its bernaise or mayonaise. I guess anything that ends with "aise"?! :-)

  4. ahah oc13 got abit dry this time around..too easy too unreal.. the green pesto splash looks like avocado to me..


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