I've gone vegetarian for the next 4 weeks. Its a cleansing/detox ritual I used to do regularly but in the past couple of years, there seemed to be one excuse after another. I just feel like I've eaten so much meat lately so I'm finally taking a break from carnivorous activities. Although I have to break it on 23 June for dinner with my fellow bloggers. Duty calls you know. Anyway, today was the first day. I've forgotten how much I enjoy being vegetarian because I appreciate each grain of rice that little bit more. I was unprepared for lunch as I hadn't been grocery shopping. Thankfully, there were a couple of things in the fridge. I made myself some mushrooms stir-fried with garlic on toast and a rocket, tomato and avocado salad. I think I was really hungry because it tasted so bloody good!

After I bought some groceries, I leafed through my trusty Leith's Vegetarian Bible for some inspiration. Quite a few of the recipes I was interested in had eggs in it. Then a thought struck me. I can't eat cake! 4 weeks without cake? I can give up meat, seafood and eggs but I can't give up my sweets and coffee. So, forget about lunch and dinner, I started looking up egg-less cake recipes. I remember coming across quite a few but I couldn't seem to find any today. How typical! I think the heavens heard me cry because sunlight suddenly burst through the clouds in the form of my sister. She had just bought a cute little book that yields 500-recipes for cupcake and muffins. And there was ONE recipe for egg-less cupcake. Hoorah! I'm happy to say that the recipe was a success. The cupcake is soft, chocolatey and has the sweetness resembling 70% cocoa content dark chocolate. Slightly bittersweet and intense. Its not perfect but it will do for now. Lovely!


  1. Gawd maybe it's time for me to go on a vegetarian diet too! My bad eating habits are affecting my skin and my health. If vegetarian food looks this good, I'm on. :-)

  2. Ah, I also bought that 500 cupcakes book. Thanks for the tip on the recipe - looks scrumptious. I have a few eggless recipes if you want from my Rohani Jelani cookbook - u want? I can email it to you, just drop me a line and I'll send them over.

    Thanks for making an effort for us on the 23rd June. I know what you mean abt eating healthy. Nowadays when I'm not eating for the blog, I tend to opt for either organic food or Bonjuk's porridge.

  3. Thanks for the compliment LL! I wish I could cut out sweets completely. I think my friends wouldn't let me anyway because I would be sooooo grumpy! :-)

    Hey Boo, no effort lah. Eating good food with good company is never an effort ;-). Thanks for the offer, I will drop you an email later!

  4. hey i have some vegetarian recipes in my blog. you can search for them at my Search Blog cos i did not update my index *blush*


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