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I'm boring about my lunch choices. When I'm out and alone, I always end up eating wanton mee or char siu fahn. They are the two staples I always remember eating after school when my Mum hadn't made lunch that day. Of course the stall we used to frequent has long gone. A 7 Eleven store stands in its place instead. Apart from Slow Uncle's late-night wanton mee on Jalan Sahabat, this one from Jalan Tun HS Lee is my favourite wanton mee. This was my late-grandfather's favourite stall whenever he was in KL. The noodles are not as springy as Slow Uncle's but then again, you don't have to wait 30 minutes (minimum!) for a plate either! I like the wantons with the hint of cho hau yue and the lean but tasty char siu that comes with the noodles. Parking is a hassle in this area so I'm usually the one who drives and someone will run down to get the noodles. This time, I was driven there so I was able to snap some pics.

I don't think I can call this guy Uncle as he doesn't look all that much older than me. Lang Chai is far too young and a trifle condescending. So it was just "Mm goi". Not that he noticed. I don't think he would've even noticed if I came strolling in wearing a bikini and disco ball on my head because he was so busy and focused on getting the orders out. I always admire how fast these stalls work. Multitask! Something Slow Uncle could learn a thing of two about. Ten minutes later, I was holding my bag of wanton mee.
For dessert, I usually wander over to the next coffee shop as they have a Tong Kee stall there. I don’t think the egg tarts are as good anymore but somehow I always end up buying them for nostalgia’s sake. When I was a kid, I loved their paper sponge. I think I pestered my Mum for one everyday! And I wonder why I was so chubby in my school days. Huh. Anyway, I still love the cottony and fluffy texture of the sponge and they are the benchmark for all sponges for me.


  1. i just had one of those paper sponge on Monday but it wasn't light and fluffy anymore since it was left over night :)

    hubby and i used to eat wantan mee almost every other day at a stall near home :p they cooked one of the best wantan mee but sadly they've moved :(

  2. haha im sure if u do decide to wear a bikini and order..they might b alot of blood and fingers on the floor la! sure he wont be cutting his char siu anymore

  3. hahaha...even if the bikini didn't distract him, the glaring disco ball on your head would have.....and then there'll be blood and fingers on the floor or the chopping board like Joe said cos he was temporararily blinded. LOL...

  4. Ah, that's my mother's fav wantan mee stall too. We always eat here whenever we go down to buy Chinese herbs at the medicine shop down the road from here. I love the wantans and the coffee here.

    The Tong Kee stall is also our regular place as this is the lady my aunt buys from. When I was young, my mum will buy me the coconut bun for school. My niece still eats the sponge cake for teatime once in a while.

  5. Babe, I must make sure to ask Aunty for a fresh one then!

    Joe & WMV, hahaha! Maybe I should try it huh?! The disco ball, not the bikini!

    Hey I've never tried the coconut buns Boolicious. It was always egg tarts, chicken pie, chan pau and paper sponge only. All which I still eat. I hope they never close down.

  6. This is a good reminder. Can't remember the last time I ate there. Actually, have I ever eaten there? I know I've been to the coffee shop where Tong Kee is but wantan mee... well, time to rectify it.

  7. HELLO! First time leaving comments in here.

    Used to eat this wantan mee n buy the paper sponge/egg tart/pandan layer cake while doing my studies in KL. miss it so much!!!!

    Nice meeting you. Thanks so much for capping the great evening. VERY LOVELY!!!


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