Sunday, June 25, 2006

plus 2%

The official cause of my two-day binge fest is pms. Thats what I like to tell myself anyway. Last night after having KFC for dinner, the first thing I did this morning was hit the gym. 60 mins on the x-trainer. KFC? What KFC? I am convinced it has been x-trained out of my system. The universe is in balance again.

My lovely salmon salad with beetroot, chickpeas, tomatos, fine beans and lemon mustard dressing.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Less 2%

Pan-fried steak with fried onions, gherkins, extra-light cheese and honey mustard dressing on toasted multi-grain bread. That was lunch after my assesment yesterday. What better way to celebrate than to ingest some fat? So apparently I've lost 2% body fat. I'm just happy that I completed the harvard step-test this time. How bloody unfit was I? I read somewhere that most people underestimate their food intake. Now that I am keeping a food journal, I've come to realise that this is true! That two biccies, cup of milo, bite of popiah here and there does add up to alot. I will never be able to keep to a diet but am trying to make healthier choices and cutting out butter and sugar for the most part. So that on the weekends or when I'm out for dinner, I don't beat myself up over dessert. A girl's got to have some fun right? I have to say that working out in the morning, on an empty stomach is the best! Seriously, I am on a high for the whole day and I can virtually feel the fat melting away with each stride! Well, not quite but it does wonders for the psyche. That is, if you can be arsed to get out of bed in the first place.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Poke Me, Prod Me, Cup Me

Last night while I was happily munching on the strawberry in my virgin daquiri, I was hit but a wave of dizziness. Dizziness in a unbalanced sense, not my usual bimbosity. I figured it was because I was tired but this morning I was quite peeved to find out that it was still there. I comforted myself with a fat-free muffin which ended up down the sink. Went back to bed only to wake up an hour later, still feeling dizzy but hungry. After two bites of fried mee hoon, mum dragged me by the ear to go see the Chinese doctor in Putrajaya. We got there just in time for me to run out of car and kneel over the flowerbed. Gross and not very glam. In my state of empty-stomachness, I did think it was very funny. Infact, everything that was said to me during the whole time seemed utterly comical. Like when Dr.Liu was telling me how tense my gay yoke (muscle) was. Gay Meat. I know, its not very funny at all but everytime he said it, and he said it ALOT, I started giggling. I blame it on lack-of-food hsyteria. So I had acupuncture done, acupressure massage followed by cupping which I've never done before. Quite fun. When you wriggle your back, the bottles clink against one another. Yes, I thought this was highly amusing too. After he left the room, I had a blast making my own music. I am happy to say I am feeling much better. I had porridge an hour ago and its still in my stomach. Yay! I love porridge. Mum made a sweet potato porridge and we had it with stir-fried long beans and steamed fish. I was so hungry, didn't stop to take a photo. Food, glorious food! I can eat again!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Kilang Kek Ah Lian

In true domestic goddess fashion, I've been baking, cooking and sewing the past few days. Sis baked 5 gigantic cakes for a charity bake this weekend. I helped with the icing and making it nice and tacky! I tried a recipe for no-fat, low sugar & high fibre oat bran muffins. They turned out quite nicely much to the amazement of my family. Its a nice breakfast muffin and they do need to be eaten warm. Otherwise they are a tad on the chewy side. As soon as I was done baking those guiltless carbs, I moved on to making full fat, sugar-laden cashew brittle. I shouldn't have followed the recipe because the butter separated and left me with oily, but delicious, and slightly sandy-textured brittle. While I was watching it cool, the cashews started to creep me out! I need to sort my heebie-jeebies out...

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Any excuse to eat. Again, we had to ah, do some research (heh heh) and it was also our manager's birthday. Double Happiness! I haven't been to Cilantro's for their fantastic Friday lunch in awhile. This time, we found out that the wine is no longer free-flowing. I guess too many alkies were taking advantage of the fab deal. 4-course lunch with wine for only rm100 nett. Where else can you get such a good deal? Maybe Prego's Sunday buffet & bubbly lunch for 138nett. We started with a artichoke mousse with crayfish & consomme jelly (above). Sounds mushy and gross but tastes amazing! And they served it with a sparkling rose which was just so pretty and sweet. Next course was fried anago with baby rocket & penne with parmesan. The anago was light, crispy and incredibly tasty. Next I had steamed sea perch with pea sprouts & uni sauce. The braised oxtail with foie gras (right) was tempting but I can't resist uni. I did not regret my choice. The fish was cooked to perfection. It was delicate and springy, the sauce added a nice rich & creamy texture to the otherwise healthy dish. For dessert with had feuillatine with mango & strawberry (left). Mmmm, what a lovely way to end the week.


Last Tuesday, my partners and I went to check out Eest at Westin. These are one of the perks in my biz. Eating out as "market research". Ah, its a tough job. Anyway, let me just say how dedicated I am to my job because the tables were freaking me out! The circular tables were especially creepy. It wasn't so bad when we moved to the rectangular ones. I know, we all have our idiosyncracies!

For rm58nett you can have a choice of varying Asian-themed menus for lunch. I chose to go on the "slow boat on the river" menu I think it was. Thai basically. I have to say, we were really, really disappointed. We all had different sets and only the Japanese one was ok. We started off with soup. Mine was...pretty. It was a mushroom consomme with floating bits of corn which looked like yellow flowers. The only think I liked on my set were the two pieces of endive which came with a pot of fermented bean dipping paste. The red curry chicken was truly shocking. It tasted like it came out of a bottle. No sorry, the bottled ones taste better. It was just so blaaaah. The only thing that saved the day was the waiter who enquired about our untouched food, apologising and bringing us a round of extra desserts. He aslo gave us some fun strawberry jellied-melon lollies. The final dessert was "a study of durian" (pictured below), pretentious but quite pleasant. I'm not sure whether I would go back again. Maybe on a date? As long as somebody else is paying!

Confusion Says "Don't Mess With Traditional Cooking"

Cuz and I found ourselves trawling around KL on a Friday night desperately looking for a place to have a decent meal. We nearly ended up going to Kampachi but Cuz missed the turning which led us to Chulan Square instead. We ended up at the chinese restaurant there. Forgive me, it was over a week ago so I can't the name of the restaurant nor much about the dishese we had. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't great. Give me Overseas or Imbi Palace anytime. We decided on the chinese because Cuz was very taken by the menu. She is a bit of a Kylie Kwong "caramelised, caramelised, caramelised..." We tried several of the chef's specials. We had scallop pan-fried with bacon which was quite nice but then you can't really go wrong with a) scallop and b) bacon. The pan-seared foie gras on fried lotus was interesting. It had a very tart, vinegarish sauce which I've never had with foie gras before. The meal went downhill from there. The next dish was fried minced pork patty (pictured with star anise garnish). It was so sweet! I swear I thought it was dessert! The freshwater king prawns were dismal. Halve the prawn, pour some cream/cheese sauce and bake in the oven. Voila. This is the chef's special?? The honey glazed cod was terrible! I think they heated up leftovers for us because the cod was brown. You know, I can't even be bothered writing about the rest. I'm just glad freaking Blogger is working again so I can post all my pretty pictures. It is when I eat at restaurants like this that I feel Chinese food should be left untouched by modern hands. The flavours in Chinese cooking are already so diverse, from the spicy and almost exotic flavours from the Szechuan province to humble rural cooking to the truly sophisticated style of Cantonese cuisine. It would be better if restaurants here offered more specialised provincial cuisine rather than attempt to reinvent the already perfect.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Lazy Friday at Fit For 2

Had another shattering session with my trainer this morning. However, the prospect of eating cake and going to the Attic sale motivated me enough to get my butt on the xtrainer for a further 30 mins. Its been awhile since I've met up with Debbie who is the owner of Fit For 2 in Bangsar. There were so many homemade goodies on display, I decided to be good and had a tofu salad for lunch. Suffer now, enjoy later. The menu has expanded quite a bit with a lot of healthy and hearty options. Over a chocolate & peanut butter cupcake, we talked about children, how one is never ready to have them. I love my niece and nephew but there are days I want to throw them out the window. Especially when I've had a late night and they wake me up with their crying and whining. Everybody always say its different when you have your own. I don't doubt that. I'm sure I will be a leeeetle more patient with my own but I know I won't be a smother. I am enjoying my single life. My time is my own. I'm sure being a mother will teach me selflessness, patience and more about the big picture. But for now, I will jet off on holiday whenever I feel like it, do (or don't do) as I please and spend all my money on me, me, me! Speaking of which, I did not spend any money on me, me, me at Attic because none of the clothes fit, fit, fit! Size 2-6, are you nuts?!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

chocolate cardboard

Upon hearing about my quest to unleash the thin person within, one of my oldest friend was kind enough to bake me some low-fat, low sugar chocolate brownies. You have no idea how happy I was when she called to say she was dropping off a tupperware full of guilt-free goodness! None of my friends have chocolate cravings like I do. Most of them crave savoury, deep-fried things. I need my chocolate fix. At least 5 days a week, twice a day, 2 pieces at least. Thats a good week. If I could, I would eat it everyday, with every meal. Mmm. For now, I will to make do with low fat brownies, made with love (awww thanks Densie!). I got my coffee ready and waited for my friend to arrive with the goodies. You would think my drug dealer was delivering hash brownies from my excitement. I thought they were really nice considering they were low fat until I offered one to my business partner who took one bite and said it tasted like cardboard! Hmmmph, waste my brownie. More for me then!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Run Rabbit Run

The weekend kicked off with a gruelling session with my trainer. I was shattered but felt about 5lbs lighter. Yay! My nephew turned one and we all had to be home to take photos, cut cake and partake in red eggs and noodles. I did not have noodles and made myself a delicious but anaemic looking beef salad with lemongrass, mint and basil dressing instead. After lunch, I had to rush off to meet G&T homo to view the show unit of the ridiculously expensive Troika. True to Norman Foster's design, I thought it looked a lot like a commercial building on the outside. On the inside, the space is well thought out, promising magnificent views cleverly angled to weed out the ugly around the area. At rm1000psf, you better have fucking excellent views. The show unit tempts you with a lifestyle most would envy, from key design pieces of furniture to the pretentious rows and rows of cooking products that one would only use for decorative purpose. In other words, people who have shit loads of money and travel so much that they are never actually long enough in the country to "live" in the apartment. Ah, now I know what it feels like to be the window cleaner peering in.
When I got home, we had guests round for birthday cake. Finally, I indulged in a slice of orange marmalade cake with chocolate ganache and frosting from Just Heavenly. What I like about their cakes is that they taste as good as they look. Not like Piece of Cake. I think her figurines are really cute but her cakes need some serious attention. When I go out to have cake, it has to bloody taste better than what I can bake at home (I think lack of carbs is making me cranky). I digress, back to the tea at home. I suddenly felt exhausted and had a nap only to wake up half an hour later to get ready for cocktails at Flo with Hot Date (I'm taking the piss because Hot Date is actually more like Cold Fish but he is the only one who asks me out these days so therefore he is Hot Date!). Many bottles of Cloudy Bay and 2 dozen oysters later, we made our way over to Jake's in Starhill. I enjoyed my lamb steaks eventhough they were barely a mouthful after I removed the fat and bone. What I was really sinfully delicious was the cashew brittle. It tasted more like fudge than brittle really. Mmmm, it was so yummy. I'm so glad we were sharing a small plate because I would've finished it all given the chance!
Hot Date was pretty hammered by the end of dinner and left us in the cold. What a slapper. We were all geared up for some tragic love song singing at Club De Vegas! Somehow Lian and I ended up crashing the Le Prestige party at Shangri-La. I don't think I've crashed a party since... a long, long time ago! It was alright, free drinks innit. Lian stayed over. Now that really made me feel young again. We curled up in bed (not in a lezzah sort of way) and talked about exs, potentials, men in general, blah blah blah... Except, when we talk about them now, its tinged with cynicism. I couldn't sleep that night. The conversation left me wondering, lonely and sad. The next morning Lian and I had an early start and went shopping. When all else fails, shop! I found my ankle-breakingly high heels. 4 inches! I am a bit wobbly in them but must persist in manner of Mariah. Who needs fuck me heels when I've got don't fuck with me ones. Yes, someone give me a plate of happy carbs right now before I stick my 4" heels into my flatmate's fiance's eye ala single white female.
I made roast chicken stuffed with rosemary, thyme and oranges for dinner. I am a great believer of permeating flavours from within. Its subtle. I like subtle. I also roasted some happy carbs in the form of yams. Mine was lightly doused in olive oil. For the rest of the people at home, a huge dollop of butter and liberal amounts of sea salt. Guess which one they liked better? I feel so alone in my quest to be thin...