On Sunday Morning

Sunday is truly the best day of the week. It is the end of a week and the beginning of a new one. If this week didn't go so well, I look forward to doing better in the next one. Its also the best day to have a lie in and indulge in big breakfasts. But Sundays are best spent with your loved ones. And I love to do nothing more than to hang out with my friends.

Lian, our group nourisher. Many meals have been cooked and consumed at her house. Last Sunday was no exception. Come over by 11am, the sms commanded. Of course, at 10:55am, a sms comes along saying to take our time because she is just jumping into the shower. Typical. Anyway, just after noon, the early birds sat down to steaming hot bowl of freshly "pinched" pahn mee. Its so comforting especially in the presence of good company. The late birds arrived and we continued eating, talking, laughing, shouting,... We pretty much did that the whole day. We also packed ourselves into Duvei's new car and headed over to Delicious for cake. A day of pure indulgence. What a fab end to the week.


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