Lassi Come Home

Ever since Mikael went off to London, I have not had much Indian food. I miss walking down to Moghul House with him in the evenings. We would always have the palak paneer and tikka masala. And it was cheap and cheerful. It has since been replaced with Copper Chimney. Case of partners falling out. Moghul moved to Tengkat Tong Shin but didn’t do very well over there. Poor things.

Anyway we were walking around Starhill late Saturday afternoon because J wanted to expand his Kenzo wardrobe. After much browsing, we ended up at Vansh because he was feeling peckish. Vansh looks a lot like an Indian version of My Thai. I like the lights and the service is impeccable. I didn’t have a good look at the prices because I was enjoying the complimentary cracked pepper pappadums so much. Thin, crispy and spicy! The only thing I have to complain about is how it really sticks to your teeth. Good thing the toilets are near by so if you need to have a good dig, you can politely excuse yourself and saunter over. J had something that reminded me a lot like loh bak except that this is lamb. Yummy! I love the dipping sauces that come with it. The lassis are pretty good too. Not sweet and not too thick. I definitely want to check it out properly. Dins anyone?


  1. Oooh it sounds quite nice. Wah the foodie place at Starhill Gallery seems to be growing on ya. Let's go check out this Indian place - my tummy awaits....


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