I'm A Little Teapot

I found Perth's answer to Nichii fashion city!! Its called Harbourtown! Sooo happeee! The shops there are constantly on sale, whether last season, samples or damaged. Actually Supré is the real Nichii but it was disappointing and not all that cheap. Anyway, I spent a good two hours at Suite, Valleygirl and Temt. The thing about these places is that you really have to take your time and sift through the packed rows and rows of clothes. Good thing I had 3 hours to spare before dinner.

I finally got to eat at Lem's little restaurant on William Street. Sandwiched between a seafood supplier and grocery store is The Red Teapot. Its a compact little eatery with grey fabric booths lining up both sides of the red walls and diner-styled tables and chairs. I would say the maximum capacity is no more than 40. Lem did the ordering and we had all the famous dishes like the salt & chilli squid (pictured below), soft-shell crab deepfried with salted egg (pictured above), fried rice with salted fish, prosperous fragrant chicken and peking ribs. Fried, fried, fried, this is Cantonese cooking for you. The soft shell crab was really nice! The salted egg added a nice buttery flavour to the crabs. The peking ribs were like the ones in Overseas, caramelised with sweet onions. I didn't really like the chicken dish very much although the sauce was very tasty and light. Not a trace of corn starch in sight! Yay! The only thing really disappointing about the meal was dessert. We had steamed mini lotus, kaya and custard buns. But then again, they don't make it themselves and thats probably why. The kaya was a bright wheatgrass green! And hard! Eeew. Well, the kwai lohs wouldn't know the difference anyway.

Lem brought out fortune cookies as we sipped our last cup of green tea for the night. I love reading fortune cookies! Mine read, be satisfied with what you have now, don't anticipate the unexpected. Uncanny...


  1. there you go! and you needed a fortune cookie to tell you...of all the things that u've eaten so far, Lem's restaurant sounds the best! its chinese food at the end of the day la...u are literally what you eat in this case. BTW when u get back on the weekend we are dining at imbi palace - the exact same emnu - only you know so can you order?

  2. oh wow! i must get back to perft! it's been 10 years! pls take lots of photos and have you checked out subiaco?

  3. We know we are getting old when on holiday we start craving for Chinese. Geez turning into our parents already! Next blog Subiaco! Perth has changed but not by very much. People still walk around without shoes and the shops still close at 5:30pm! How can!!?


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