The Last Supper

How fast the week has gone by. I thought this trip might be boring but it was anything but. Who had time to be bored? I've been to suburbs I never knew existed. We had a lovely day out on the beach on Sunday followed by pole dancing. The day before that we had been rock climbing. All that workout! Good thing I am eating so well! On Tuesday night we went to Matilda Bay for dinner. I had rock oysters to start, natural of course. The dressings don't get very exciting in Perth. I remember having some good ones in Sydney at Salt (sadly no longer in existence). For my main, Koala and I shared the beurre blanc seafood platter. It came in a deep ceramic dish with a hill of assorted pangrilled seafood. We had salmon, scallops, prawns, mussels and moreton bay bugs (the crayfish's poor cousin) in a deliciously buttery white sauce. Yums! For dessert, I went against my instinct and ordered the warm pineapple and coconut tart with creme brulee ice cream. Good thing I ignored the call of the chocolate pudding because the pineapple tart was quite sumptuous. I liked that the coconut was more about texture than flavour because I really hate eating suntan lotion.
I woke up the next day to grey skies and rain. All the better for tucking into a plate of sausages, bacon, eggs and all (above, centre). Doesn't it look good? What a nice end to the trip. Apparently I wasn't done eating because Koala insisted on buying me some Red Rooster for lunch. We found a drive in with the tropical pack which is really the hawaiian pack without the banana fritter. I'll settle for pineapple frits over none at all. I'm glad I ate the chicken because the food on the flight was less than desirable! Does it really matter whether you choose chicken, beef or fish? They all taste the same. Its magic!


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