Glutton for Punishment

My stomach feels assaulted. I've been eating so much that I don't even have room to snack on chocolate. I know!! Shocking isn't it? I just spent AUD$125 in Woolworth's buying chocolate, biscuits and other miscellaneous items requested by friends. You'd think it was a trolley worth but actually it only came up to 2 plastic bags. Bloody hell! My luggage is now a diabetic's nightmare. Thank God mum didn't ask me to buy her a crate of peaches or persimmons as I usually see Malaysian families with at the airport. We are staying in tonight. I don't think I can eat anymore restaurant food. The thing about dining out is that I want to have my appetiser, main and dessert. My friends are just as bad. Judging from their size, you'd think they eat like a bird? Only if the bird is a vulture!
Pictured above is my reef & beef at The Royal in East Perth. It may look delicious but it wasn't and not to mention, expensive at AUD45. I say this because we had to order at the counter! Are we at a cafeteria?? The crayfish was overcooked and the beef was tasteless. How is that possible? Felt transported back to Victoria Station. This was the most disappointing meal in the trip.


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