Muscle & Beer

Thank God I didn't listen to my friends when they told me to pack warm clothes. I was contemplating my (very dismal) winter wardrobe before I decided to look up the weather forecast on the net. It said 26C-29C for the entire duration of my stay. What were my friends going on about?! The day I arrived, I was welcomed by the familiar clear blue sky that seems to go on for eternity. No tall building in sight to block the view. The drive back to Koala's newly acquired house brought back familiar feelings. Clean and manicured streets with one-storey houses lined up neatly, the radio was telling me to that my love life didn't need to be down with the dogs thanks to a new nasal spray that will keep my love-making going on for hours (very interesting) and that unmistakable stillness that suggests "take it easy mate". I am back in Oz. I am back in suburbia.

Koala made dinner that night and the girls came round. Rej didn't recognise me and thought I was Lem's cousin from China. hahaha. Well, I am about 3 dress sizes smaller. I was such a fatty!! During dinner we caught up on our lives and reminisced about the good old days back in PC. I can't believe it was 13 years ago. The funniest thing about school mates is that everytime we think of each other, it will always be in our navy school uniforms! Lem and I had brunch at Little Creatures in Fremantle the next day. Its a brewery and restaurant next to the pier. After Lem ordered the chilli and tomato mussels to start, I remembered I didn't like mussels. Nasty, fishy and rubbery things in Italian restaurants in KL. However, this is Perth and the mussels were small, tender and sweet. The combination of fresh tomato sauce and bird's eye chilli really worked up my appetite. I even had a beer (see picture of proud me)! I am not much of a drinker and will never understand the phenomena that is beer. I ordered a pint of pale ale and it was quite delicious with the spicy mussels actually! I was pleasantly surprised. Underneath the bitter note, there was hint of flowery lychee sweetness. Very yum! Didn't think much of the pizza which is why I didn't even bother taking a photo. We also shared a rocket salad with beetroot, Persian feta with a light drizzle of olive oil. I love beetroot!

Dinner was a 5 course meal at a renowned Italian in Nedlands called Borsalino Ristorante. For AUD55 each, we started with tasmanian smoked salmon salad with rocket dressing & avocado (below, left; look at the sets of cutlery!), gnocchi with basil & fresh creamy tomato sauce, bocconcini, spinach & ricotta souflings in mascarpone sauce (below, right), grilled beef yearling with wild porcini sauce and to end the meal, an almond & hazelnut bavarois with mango and raspberry coulis. I can tell you now, midway, I nearly gave up. Especially after the gnocchi and we had to have the utterly divine bocconcini. It really was very good but I only managed one lump. Tempted as I was to finish the other one, I was afraid I might just keel over. I am glad I didn't finish it because the beef yearling fillet was absolutely fantastic! The meat was so juicy, tender and flavourful. It didn't even need a sauce! I was ashamed of myself as I watched my two smaller friends pack it all in. Although Koala did look kind of pale and Lem was about to pass out. Oh the strawberry champagne was also yummy!! Muddled sweet strawberries topped with champagne. My kind of drink! On the way home, we stopped at Brisbane for a drink to meet up with some of my brothers' friends. I put my foot in it when I asked the one girl who was there what she was doing with these old men. There was a pause then uncomfortable laughter. If you are 36 and perving at women in their early 20s, please acknowledge that you are a perve and I will respect you (just a little) more.


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