Shiver Me Timbers, Pirates Ain't For Me

Don't you hate erratically paced dinners? I'm talking about one of those occassions when the timing has gone completely off. You get your appetiser after 5 minutes but wait another 20 minutes before your ice water arrives. Then it takes an hour for the main course to come by which time your stomach is all confused and can't decide whether its still hungry or full from the wait and demolition of the bread basket. Then dessert appears in under 10 minutes but the coffee arrives 30 minutes after dessert has long gone. I'm not making it up, I have experienced this a few times in my life. Its rather annoying. And that was how Pirates of The Carribean 3 was for me. Erratic, drawn out and overindulgent like a 12 course porkless Chinese banquet. Gasp!? No pork? Exactly, pointless.
There were so many sub plots going on that they just lost the plot completely. The most annoying thing about the film was Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Swann. Her character was given such a pivotal role when she was merely the intricately carved turnip of a phoenix rising from the four seasons platter. The first two were so entertaining for me so I can't help feeling very disappointed by the last installment. Hurrah for Johnny, Bill, Geoffrey and Orlando who saved the film! Although it would've been better if they were half naked in manner of ripped and crazy Spartans in 300. Phwoooarh, Gerard Butler!

One cold shower later: Before the 3 hour movie, we had a 30 minute dinner ala The Fast and The Furious. I am so happy that Little Penang Cafe has opened in KLCC. Finally, cheap and decent food! It was fast paced and predictably good. This is possibly the best halal char kway teow I've had. Hunky loves it. In fact, he was so relieved that Chilli's was full so he got to eat char kway teow, again! I also like the rojak buah. Apparently it has sotong in it. I found a single tentacle. Even then, I'm not sure if it was just an odd piece of cendol that had fallen in. Oh well...


  1. Yeah, Pirates was dismal. Kinda sad as I loved the first 2. Little Penang is my fav too. I love the Achar Fish Set and Lobak.

  2. Oh no, another 2 negative review (inc. boo's above) abt d movie. Now, think I'll just save on d movie tix & catch it on home's small screen.

  3. my boiboi really saves the day then cos he din wanna watch the pirates haha..

    btw i was in little penang last nite entertaining my Sporean cousin and family. 20 of us really created a riot there haha... so many extra orders and its like non-stop ordering by them. they said the assam laksa and rojak are so so good!

  4. While I enjoy the food at Little Penang Cafe I have to say that the service level leaves much to be desired. The last time I was there we were served by what can only be generously described as the bastard spawn of an ewok and a wookie. Not a good experience. Sadly the staff there just do not care so no matter how hard to stare crossly at them they avoid your gaze or reply it with a needlessly blank expression. So just go to enjoy the food but nothing else. Better still try and kick up a fuss and see how the guest workers respond!

  5. i like the rojak there. But i remembered my rice dish with chicken was not really good.

  6. Well, don't let my bad review stop you from catching the movie. There were four us that night and two really LIKED it. Maybe knock back a couple of drinks first, experience might be more pleasurable!


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