Date With Two Blondes

I never got around to making the lamington sponge cake last weekend. And because I have the attention span of a goldfish, I have moved on to bigger and blonder things. While feeling quite uninspired to blog last week, I fed on other people's wondrous accounts on food and came across a recipe for Blondies (as opposed to Brownies) over at Freya & Paul's blog. I've never heard of blondies before. The cute name, witty blog and easy recipe sold me!

Dates, pecans/walnuts, butter, sugar, flour. I like! In fact, the hardest part of the recipe was lining the tins. I stuck to walnuts because pecans were quite pricey at Hock Choon. It really was very easy to make. I made two at one go, one with plain flour and the other with rice flour. Why? Because I like to eat rice mah. Anyway, I had rice flour problems. While I was sifting it, it did smell pungently rice-y but I stubbornly went ahead anyway. The texture, as promised by the recipe, was lovely and gooey. Too bad that it was ruined by the taste of the bad rice flour. Fortunately, there was back up!

The other one was perfect! Although when I first cut into it and saw the gooey centre, I thought I had undercooked it. If I was a souffle, I would've sunk with sadness to the bottom of the ramekin. Then I tasted it and realised it was heaven. I could not wait for it to cool completely, it was even more delicious warm. Mmmm, like a warm hug on a rainy day. I'll definitely make it again but will reduce the sugar even more (I used 140g instead of 180g). Its teetering on a toothache for me.
Ooooh, aaah, gooey goodness....


  1. Glad you enjoyed the recipe! I actually reduced the original recipe from 200g to 180g sugar so that would have caused you no end of fillings!! Yours look great though, wonderfully gooey and yum!

  2. I didn't know what blondies are until the first brownie of the month event. Here's my blondie for that event!

  3. I'm so happy to have discovered blondies! Thank youuuuu! I can't imagine it being even sweeter than it already is. Although having said that, I think it does suit having a sugary kick.

  4. Ooh...looks yummy! Blondes do have more fun (in this case, blondes are better???) LOL...

  5. I've checked out the recipe and am going to attempt it (*gasp*). I'm not much of a baking kaki, but this blondie looks like something my husband and I would enjoy.

  6. the blondies looked so glossy and yummy, must file into my MUST try list. thanks for the lead.

  7. dahlink, no one buys PECANS from hock choon unless your surname starts with $. buy from bake with yen, its a fraction of the price. still exp la, but at least i dont have to sell my underwear to buy them.

    this sounds DEEEEVINE. i must try pronto.

  8. WMV, I'm not sure if blondes are better but definitely not as yit hey (heaty) as their dark haired cousins! :-)

    Happy baking LL and Babe! Please make 2 batches because one is definitely not enough! They look deceivingly big in the pictures.

    Thanks for the tip FBB! I just happened to be at Hock Choon lah. hahaha. Yes, I was quite shocked at the $$$ for a small bag of pecans. Choi!


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