Ini Mini, Mana Mo?

UPDATED : interior of the fig. I'm not sure if they are edible and didn't want to risk an upset stomach as I was heading off to a meeting. So I had a lick instead, wasn't very sweet.

By now I've made it very clear how I feel about pork and pretty things. That I love them and I am completely vulnerable to their charm. What you don't know is that I'm also a sucker for miniatures. I'm not talking about mini skirts nor mini coopers, although I wouldn't mind owning one. A mini cooper that is, not the skirt. There is this side of me that goes gaga over these things. I am enamoured by the painstaking details and craftsmanship that go into creating miniatures. There is just something about the delicate nature and dimunitive size that make want to gush, "Eeeeeeee sooooo cute!" I especially love miniature tea sets, furniture and toys (there were some really groovy ones I collected from Kinder eggs which included a teeny tiny slide viewer). Maybe this also explains why I like cupcakes, canapes and dim sum so much. This post, however, is about miniature fruits crafted by nature.

One morning, while reading the papers, my nephew says "Pineapple". I tell him there isn't any and he can have an orange instead. He starts tugging at my sleeve and chanting "pineapple". Finally I relented and followed him to the garden. There it was, a beautifully formed miniature pineapple. I've seen them plenty of times in flower arrangements but never before in my garden. This one has definitely reached its maximum growth judging by the leaves. I wonder if they are actually edible? I suppose by the time you cut off the skin there wouldn't be anything left anyway! Funny how I never noticed it before he pointed it out. Can you tell I'm not a plant person? In the same week, while walking back from The Weld, I spotted crab apples sprouting from the side of a tree. Okay, I'm not sure if these were crab apples but it was closest thing that came to mind. Told you I wasn't a plant person. Let me illustrate how lousy I am when it comes to plants. I once mistook lily leaves for pandan. Do you know how embarassing it was when I complained to my mum that our "pandan" leaves didn't have any perfume. Hey, the were both long, flat and green!, anybody know what fruit this is? Ordinarily, I would've been quite gelee looking at this cluster of fruits but they were just too pretty to walk away from without taking a photograph.


  1. Those crab apples look so cute! Tiny pink mochi and now this...another cute pic.

  2. i think these are figs according to my colik which to me looked very different from foreign figs.

  3. Thanks wmv! Hey babe thanks for the tip. Your colik is right! After reading your comment I went to wrestle some very fierce red ants for one. No joke, those ants were quite scary! Anyway, once you have a look inside, theres no doubt that its a fig! Think I will post a pic of the insides later. Thanks again.

  4. wow, such an interesting tree esp with figs which I had no idea grew here. We also have the tiny pineapple in our garden - it's more decorative.


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