Farewell Vanilla Box

Its always sad when a cafe closes it doors indefinitely, especially when its a place you know and love. I wrote about Vanilla Box's moreish chocolate cupcakes and nasal-cleansingly powerful chocolate peppermint velvet cake when I first started my blog. Recently the owner of this cosy little cafe announced that she well be closing shop. Hopefully not forever but it will be a long while yet as she plans her upcoming nuptials and journey into the land of marital bliss. Ever since I found out about her plans, I have been visiting every week. For those of you who still haven't been, you have exactly ONE week to sample a little magic from Vanilla Box.
Earlier today, Sis and I brought the monsters along to have an early lunch. We had a deeply satisfying chilli con carne pizza while the kids shared a cupcake and vegetable pizza. I guess what I will miss most, apart from the chocolatey things I have already mentioned, are the fruit tartlets. They still are the best tartlets I've tasted in KL. The tarts are always crisp, the crème patisserie smooth and never too sweet. I just bought four and ate two. I'm saving the other two for tea later. Share? What are you talking about?

Above: chocolate peanut butter creams. Don't start if you aren't prepared to stop. Divine!

Vanilla Box is located at Asian Heritage Row, below Wine Room. They are closed on Sundays.


  1. I've heard so much about Vanilla Box but have yet to go there! :-( Now doubt if I'll ever have the opportunity. :-( You guys will just have to tell me how exquisite all the cakes were, and I'll nod sadly.

  2. :-( .Aiyo, you should've let me know earlier, I might have spared you a tartlet :-)

  3. you been beatrice is tying the knot? good for her. such a nice lady that one.

  4. you didn't hear it from me! :-0


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