Late Night Roti

There is really nothing I like more than to soak up a night's alcohol with something spicy, greasy and carb-laden. Nasi lemak and maggi goreng top the list. Occassionally, claypot lo shi fuhn and wanton mee too. However, my days of late night suppers are long over. For one, my idea of a night out these days is having a coffee or non-alcoholic beverage (usually ribena soda so I can fool persistent alcoholics that I am having a yum seng with cranberry vodka) and heading home by 1am . Secondly, who can afford the calories these days when I now have a metabolic rate of a slow loris. Seriously, when E told me that it was all going to go downhill when I hit 30, I thought he was just pulling my leg. Here I am, into my 30's and realising the full extent of his portentous words.

Last Saturday, Hunky wanted to have Slow Uncle's (not his real name) wanton mee for dinner. We haven't been in ages and I justified it as being late dinner rather than supper. Yes I know, same difference! Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, it was closed. We called E and decided to head over his neighbourhood mamak stall on Jalan Semarak that he has been raving about for years. It was unusually quiet for a Saturday night in KL which made crossing the crazy cross junction of Jalan Semarak a breeze.
It is mainly al fresco seating at this cosy little mamak stall which is much better for my complexion. Fluorescent light is so unflattering! It was a lovely, cool and relaxed evening, and it would've been perfect had it not been for the odd mosquito having a nibble at my legs. We ordered a round of teh ais. I liked that when we asked for kurang manis, we got exactly that. Just the right amount of condensed milk so that you can still taste the tea. E insisted we sample a few different rotis so we ordered roti kosong, roti telur and roti pisang. I must say, the roti really is very good. I liked the roti kosong best. They only open from 5pm onwards so the roti is freshly made unlike some places where they are just reheated.
I also ordered maggi goreng which was a bit of a let down. There wasn't enough kick in it. I guess I would describe it as the mildest and possibly healthiest maggi goreng I've ever eaten at a mamak stall. I finished it anyway because I don't like wasting food. After that I ordered roti tisu for dessert. Hey, I may as well go full whack right? Good roti but dripping in Planta and not sweet enough. 6 teh ais and 1 teh halia later, we finally called it a night. The bill? RM18. Imagine, that will buy you two lattes at most cafes.


  1. Mmmm heard so much abt this place, must try it. What is that picture of a plastic sheet? Don't tell me that's the roti??!

  2. dont ned to b 30s to realise ur metabolism is rolling downhill..after just a nite of drinking n munching on roti telur..i can feel it.. n i m not even 22..

  3. Yes indeed, that "plastic sheet" is roti tisu! So oily and crispy! Joe, you are at the top starting to roll down, I am near the bottom already! :-)

  4. I just can't get over how cheap things are in Malaysia..! the next time i come home.. i'm gonna stay in malaysia for abit longer.. than in singapore.. ;)


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