Whiney Cheesy Cow

I'm contemplating attending Frangipani's cheese & wine evening. Their cheese are always so fab! The only way I would be able to truly enjoy this is if I go to the gym today. Think I need to burn 1000 calories to justify one night of cheese bliss. Oh sod it, who wants to go eat cheese with me?! Yaaaaay.....

Cont: So I did end up feasting on a smorgasbord of hard, creamy, crumbly and pongy cheese! The cheese were brought back from France on their trip recently. I was told that they are all unpasteurised and supposedly tastes completely different and superior to the pasteurised varieties that we get here. I think the French pride themselves on unpasteurised cheese where else the argument goes that its the technique and good quality milk that produces a fantastic cheese. I don't eat enough cheese to taste the difference, I just thought they tasted bloody excellent!

There were 6 boards laid out on the bar in their own groups. I started with the mild soft cheeses and worked my way towards the blue varieties. It took all my discipline to not go straight to the blue. Their knobbly, deformed blue-veined bodies were calling out for me everytime I walked past. I'm glad I refrained because by the time I hit the hard cheeses, I could no longer taste the mild soft ones. I made the mistake of picking up the goats cheese. Phwoarh!! Gag! The taste is rancid! I can't even begin to describe how vile it was. I guess it would be a cross between my nephew's regurgitated milk and licking a goat's ass. Blechhh. Never again!

There was beautiful blue-veined creature that I fell in love with. It was delicately sweet upon the first bite but it slowly unveiled a salty, almost spicy bite as it crumbled away in my mouth. I could've eaten the whole block of it. I was so upset when I returned for a second helping to discover that someone had eaten it all! I was bitching to Hunky about it, then he points to his plate and there it was! Clever Hunky!! I want to say that I am off cheese after that very heavy but utterly pleasurable evening. Alas, I am craving it even more!


  1. Wish I lived in Kuala Lumpur or that people had cheese and wine nights here!

  2. Thanks for dropping by! Its because we are so deprived of good cheese here that we need to make an occassion out of it! haha...


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